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Mike: You know that feeling when you watch something and think about it as cinema instead of just a movie? That’s this movie for me. Action, adventure, a little bit of politics, some characters were in real danger, and oh yeah, that bombshell the first time someone whispers “Hail Hydra.” This movie changed the landscape of the MCU and drove the TV shows as well. Pure Excellence.

Jesse: An amazing story, character development, and well choreographed action sequences blend together to make this a truly unforgettable movie. Combine that with the fact that this was truly the turning point for not only the MCU but Marvel television in general and this is easily one of the most important and impressive movies in Marvel’s roster.                 

Sam: THE comic book movie. Thrilling action sequences, great story flow, and a political thriller on top of it all. It also kickstarts the “Heil Hydra” movement that spreads across the MCU and bleeds into the Marvel TV shows, one of the only things to make it from film to TV.

MCU Ranked: #1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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