EXCLUSIVE – Interview with JJJ Goes Off The Rails Over Spider-Man

The Twisted Cape managed to score an exclusive interview with business mogul J. Jonah Jameson, noted Spider-Man detractor. We sat down with the media emperor and attempted to discuss journalism and the changing world of social media. Here is our transcribed interview. The Twisted Cape: Good Morning, Mr. Jameson, how are you today? J. Jonah Jameson: Great! Let’s talk about me. TC: Absolutely, sir. You are one of the biggest newsmen in the world. What is it like to have witnessed the world change so much, especially with technology and social media? JJJ: I am THE biggest newsman in the world!!! And furthermore **phone buzzes** TC: I’m sorry, sir, do you need to take that? JJJ: No, it’s just this app I have for these superhero sightings. (At this point he stands up and walks over to the window and looks outside) TC: Yes, exactly! When you started this type of technology was not available, and -- JJJ: GO SWING SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU WEBHEADED MENACE!!! TC: Sir? JJJ: It’s that lousy Spider-Man! He’s started an epidemic in this city!!! TC: How so, sir? JJJ: Ever since he showed up, more and more of these ‘heroes’ have showed up, many of them hiding behind masks! TC: Oh, I see. Sir, if we could get back to -- JJJ: And he has inspired all of these spider-themed knock offs! There’s a kid running around also calling himself Spider-Man, there’s the dark-haired Spider-Woman, the redhead Spider-Woman… TC: Yes, sir, but if we could just-- JJJ: What’s next, Spider Dog?! Spider-Cat?! I’m so sick of Spider-Man!!!!! (Shaking his fist at the open window, he then storms out of the office and slams the door) TC: Wow, that was intense. JJJ: (Through the walls) GET ME PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN! I HAVE A FRONT-PAGE EDITORIAL TO WRITE!! Keep it here at the Twisted Cape for exclusive interviews #Spiderman #Marvel #Satire

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