The Twisted Cape Ranks the MCU Heroes

Over the last ten years, we have been gifted 18 movies, and in those movies came many heroes. With Infinity War being released in a few hours, it is time to rank the heroes of the MCU. So here it is, the Twisted Cape's rankings of the MCU heroes. Enjoy! 1. Iron Man The main man. We’ve been with Tony for 10 years now and boy have we gotten to know him. It’s been interesting to see Tony grow as a character from this billionaire playboy in Iron Man into this pompous, I can do do anything and I’m an invincible ass in Iron Man 2 and Avengers, to this more broken down, reflective person in Iron Man 3, and finally into the leader he was meant to be in Avengers 2 and beyond. It’s sad to know that we’re reaching the end of Iron Man in the MCU, or at least Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, and it’s incredibly difficult to think of an MCU without him. - Jesse 2. Captain America The Sentinel of Liberty himself. While we haven’t gotten as much time with Cap as we have with Iron Man, it’s arguable that Cap’s impact on the universe has been much higher. Chronologically, he was the first Avenger dedicated to the cause. The Winter Soldier changed the landscape of the MCU, while Civil War did that again, but in a completely different way. Steve has the experience of being the underdog, so he does all he can to ensure fair and equal treatment for all. His ideals are a lot to hold up to, and they somehow got the perfect actor to convey that. Along with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans will be sorely missed when he hangs up the shield for the final time. - Mike 3. Black Panther One of the best characters in the Marvel Universe. The appeal behind T’Challa doesn’t solely lie within his superhero moniker, Black Panther, which is completely different than any other hero in the MCU. Rather, the character makes waves through his leadership, morals, and humanitarian beliefs and actions. In fact, this character has so much of an impact on the MCU that he is the only one that will ever be consistently shown outside of his armor in movie posters as opposed to any other MCU hero or villain who are never shown outside of their suits. As king, T’Challa is going to and already has changed the MCU forever. - Sam 4. Star-Lord Star-Lord was one of those characters that Marvel took a gamble with in Guardians of the Galaxy but oh boy did it pay off. Chris Pratt brings just the right amount of quirkiness and assholery to the character. He’s a loveable rogue with a sweet outfit. Personally we would love to have his rocket boots. Quick-witted, quick-footed, and always on top of the situation, even when it seems like he’s not, Star-Lord is truly one of the most fun characters that the MCU has to offer. We can’t wait to see what he does come Infinity War, especially after meeting Iron Man. - Jesse 5. Spider-Man As far as comic book characters, this guy is the favorite for at least 2 of us at the Twisted Cape. His sense of responsibility drives his character, yet his youthful exuberance and quick wit keep him endearing. Spider-Man in the MCU is unique that he has no desire to kill and it shows with his enemy, the Vulture. His sense of responsibility is clearly what drives him, despite the cost to him personally. He is the best option for the future of the MCU, due to his age and his everyman quality. -Mike 6. Thor A great overall character arc despite bad movies (with the exception of Ragnarok). The first two Thor movies are ones that are not easy to sit through and are very difficult to remember. However, Ragnarok brought the hero back into the forefront of the MCU and gave us many moments with Thor that highlighted major personal growth. After the events of the Asgardian’s last outing, where we see him lose his father, home, eye, Mjolnir, and in some ways, his brother, it’s going to be interesting to see his new outlook on the future and his dynamic between old friends as well as new. He has also now fully embraced being the god of thunder, which is indefinitely going to play a major role in Infinity War. - Sam 7. Dr. Strange Another one of the characters that wasn’t in the forefront of the general movie-goer’s mind previously, Dr. Strange is a hell of a fun character. Breakfastegg Coffeemug has equal amounts charisma and aloofness which combine in the most wonderful of ways to produce Dr Stephen Strange, the character you love and love to hate. Being one of the few truly magical people in the MCU so far, Dr Strange adds a unique element to the roster that’s sure to play a major asset in Infinity War and beyond. - Jesse 8. Vision It’s always cool to see one of your favorite characters get adapted to a movie and a TV show and that was my experience with the Vision. He’s always been an excellent character (Read Tom King’s The Vision, please) and seeing him show up and be integral to the MCU has been an incredible thrill. His power set is unique, yet he’s technically been in the MCU since the first Iron Man. His interactions with certain characters in Infinity War is high on my list. - Mike 9. Rocket A great character who is sure to have many colorful interactions with the Avengers. After losing Yondu and almost Quill, Rocket has had a paradigm shift and will surely carry himself a little differently in Infinity War. Sure, he’s still going to be the lovable, smut-talking trash panda (which is “so much worse” than raccoon) that we all know and love, but he will be less likely to mistreat the ones who care about him. It will be very cool to see how his technological knowhow will gel with Stark, Banner, and possibly Spider-Man. - Sam 10. Ant-Man Ant-man poses an interesting paradox: the character himself is not that exciting yet the actor that plays him makes him exciting. If anyone other than Paul Rudd had been cast in the role it’s very possible that the character would have been a total flop. While not the strongest character on this list, Ant-Man’s ability to shrink down to the microscopic level allows him to get into places where others can’t making him an invaluable asset. We’re curious to see where the character heads in Ant-Man and the Wasp as well as to why he won’t be making an appearance in Infinity War. - Jesse 11. Bucky Barnes A WWII hero, Bucky’s journey has been one that has had a ton of twists and turns. From his time in WWII fighting Red Skull and Zola, to becoming the Winter Soldier, he’s been through hell. He’s been a tool and is set for a redemptive arc. He seems to finally be on his way back to being his normal, deprogrammed self after his time in Wakanda. Should we lose Cap, it should fall to Bucky or Falcon to take up the shield. - Mike 12. Black Widow After the events of Civil War, Natasha has been on the lam and has been without Banner (her love interest) for years now. A lot has changed for Agent Romanov since Civil War, and much more is now at stake with Infinity War on the rise. Being a human with no powers or super suits, it’s going to be interesting to see the mental and physical toll all these things are going to have on one of the more stable characters in the MCU. - Sam 13. Gamora Another one of the characters that Marvel took a risk with, Gamora’s take-no-bullshit attitude is incredibly fun to watch next to Star-Lord’s more lackadaisical attitude. With her and Thanos’ history it’ll be interesting to see what role she plays in Infinity War. - Jesse 14. Hulk Hulk is the strongest there is and he proved it several times over. From the battle of New York, to Ultron, to Sakaar, Hulk has been a warrior and an expert smasher the entire time. While we’ve had 2 different actors be a custodian for Dr. Banner, Mark Ruffalo has really helped make the character lovable and empathetic. Hulk has proved himself a hero over and over, in some of the biggest situations, specifically on Asgard. Hopefully, we can continue to watch him smash for a long time. - Mike 15. Groot Ah the growing pains. Over the last few outings we’ve seen some major changes with Groot. He was fully grown, sacrificed himself, then started a regrowing process. Spoiler, it’s not the same Groot that we grew to love (pun intended) in GOTG Vol. 1, but like he exclusively says, he is Groot, and he is surely going to add just as much to the Guardians and Avengers as his previous version would have. - Sam 16. Nick Fury Seeing Nick Fury in the post-credits scene of Iron Man was truly a special moment. Although Marvel at that time didn’t have a solid plan on their future, or even an idea as to how much it would explode, everyone in the audience couldn’t help but get excited to see what could possibly be coming next from them. Fury is such an important character in the Marvel universe that’s it’s been a bit disappointing that we haven’t seen him since The Winter Soldier. It’ll be fantastic to see him once again come Captain Marvel. - Jesse 17. Drax Unexpected comedic breakout star of Guardians. There was anger, humor, and sadness all in this performance. Not bad for a former wrestler. While his comic book counterpart has been written a couple of different ways over the years, this portrayal was faithful to several of them. There was a good job writing this character, because he could have easily have been the worst part of the movie, yet turned out to be one of the best. That goes for the sequel too. - Mike 18. Hawkeye Tactical expert and unparalleled archer. Barton’s skills have proved very useful over the past Avengers films, but sadly, not much has been done with him in the MCU. He had an important arc in Age of Ultron, but it seems as though his appearances are dwindling. He was barely in Civil War, and as everyone knows, he is nowhere to be found on any Infinity War posters. He is in the film, but to what extent, no one seems to know. I guess we will have to see if Hawkeye is still a part of this Avengers team in Infinity War or if he will stay with his family. - Sam 19. Peggy Carter Peggy Carter is one of the most badass women on this list because not only was she a legit badass, but she was a badass during a time when women didn’t typically hold much, if any, say in the US. Not only was she a secret agent during WWII, she was on the front lines with Steve Rogers and Howard Stark fighting the Nazis first hand. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see her fleshed out more in the movies, her only appearance being in Captain America and a small cameo in Winter Soldier before being killed off in Civil War, but at least she was able to get her own TV show for a few seasons to give her some of her due. - Jesse 20. Agent Coulson The reason the Avengers got to avenging. He was a connective thread along with Nick Fury that helped get the Avengers Initiative off the ground. He is one of the most important Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and someone who becomes dear to the Avengers. When he dies, it has a profound impact on the team, which is why it’s so puzzling that his resurrection has been kept a secret. - Mike 21. Shuri As everyone who has seen Black Panther knows, Shuri was one, if not THE breakout character from the film aside from T’Challa. Black Panther not only brought a black superhero to the forefront of a predominantly white-centric MCU, but they also shined the spotlight on a genius black princess as well. Some would argue that Shuri is a key element to the Black Panther and the MCU. Without her, they would not have the technological advances and two key characters would definitely be dead (Agent Ross and Bucky Barnes a.k.a. The broken white boys). Shuri will no doubt play a huge role in Infinity War, and in future MCU films. - Sam 22. Scarlett Witch Scarlet Witch has the makings of being a really interesting and powerful character but unfortunately with the way she’s been written in past outings, this hasn’t really been the case. At times we’ve seen her unleash massives amounts of power and anger but with a storyline stemming from her and her brother being experimented on, its lent to this character arc of the tragic character who’s afraid to use her powers. We’ll see where they take the character in Infinity War and possibly Avengers 4, but as of now she almost seems like a wasted character. - Jesse 23. Falcon An adjustment was made to his origin for the movies, and it was a welcome, positive change. However, they kept the fact that he’s a partner to Cap. He is clearly a loyal friend, dedicated to his friend’s cause. He has quick wit and a battle acumen that has been forged through the military and with Cap’s team of Avengers. Should there be a replacement for Captain America, why not one of his most loyal friends and followers? - Mike 24. Wong Since the departure of the Ancient One, Wong will surely play more of a role in the events that will occur in Infinity War as well as any other Dr. Strange films. In the comics, he is a staple character who often helps characters more than Dr. Strange and will push people in the right direction without giving obvious directives. From the trailers alone, we see that Wong will be in the forefront of the fight in New York and will no doubt hold down the Sanctum Sanctorum. What will be interesting in later movies will be how his interactions with Mordo will go being that the sorcerer left the order to pursue darker goals. - Sam 25. Nakia A spy, a warrior, and a loyally fierce Wakandan. We first meet Nakia infiltrating a human trafficking operation and from that moment through the end of Black Panther she does not stop kicking serious ass. We haven’t spent nearly as much time with her as we have most of the other characters on this list, so only time will tell where they take the character but it’s only looking promising from here. - Jesse 26. Yondu The leader of the band of Ravagers has such an interesting arc over 2 movies. He seems almost overtly villainous at times, but he’s really just a mercenary who is really interested in making sure Peter grows up to thrive. His quick wit and his badass weaponry makes him a formidable ally or enemy, depending on the paycheck. Don’t forget, he’s Mary Poppins y’all. - Mike 27. Okoye Sorry Black Widow, but Okoye could kick your ass to Tuesday(?). She is the leader of the Dora Milaje, the fierce women army of Wakanda, and defenders of the throne. Her fighting abilities are only outmatched by her loyalty and intellect. She, along with T’Challa, will surely lead Wakandans and others in the fight against Thanos to protect not only her land, but the world as a whole, whom the Wakandans are now dedicated to protecting. - Sam 28. Quicksilver The yang to Scarlet Witch’s yin, Quicksilver was a complicated character. There was so much more that could have been done with the character but unfortunately with the (then) complicated movie rights between Marvel and Fox, and with the X-Men First Class trilogy already having a Quicksilver, the character was not destined to be around long. We would have liked to see where the character could have gotten to had he stayed around longer. But boy does he make one good bullet sponge. - Jesse 29. War Machine Playing second fiddle to a personality like Tony Stark, but that’s what Rhodey does. He takes on part of his friend’s legacy and does what he does best - serves his country. We first see Rhodey suit up in Iron Man 2 and butt heads with his best friend. He also has a pivotal role in Civil War. Should we lose Tony any time soon, we have someone who can fill the Armored Avenger’s rocket-powered boots. - Mike 30. Valkyrie Woman. Warrior. Takes no shit. Boozehound. Valkyrie has a great story of overcoming a tragic past to enter into a tragic future (the destruction of Asgard). Since she is now off of Sakaar and with Thor, I’m very interested to see how she will progress in this phase of the MCU and how she will play her role in the next one. -Sam 31. Lady Sif A fearsome warrior in her own right, Lady Sif was sadly another one of those characters that Marvel didn’t really seem to know what to do with. After her appearance in Thor she promptly met her end in the MCU with Thor: The Dark World. While she did continue to appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it would have been nice to see her interact with Thor and the rest of the MCU cast a bit more. - Jesse 32. Mantis Mantis has a longstanding relationship with the Guardians in the comic book world, but finding a way to work her into the established team dynamic of this team was difficult. Making her an ally to Ego was a smart start, but then she didn’t really have much to do that felt impactful. This character is typically a strong-willed character, which was a bit of a departure in the movie. That likely lead to her being lower on our list. - Mike 33. Odin As one of the elders of the universe, Odin’s importance and power cannot be understated. When I first learned that they cast Anthony Hopkins as Odin, I realized that this studio was not playing around. They wanted someone who provided weight to the franchise and they absolutely got him. He’s also the entire reason Thor is on a hero’s journey to begin with. Totally important, just not the face of the franchise. - Mike 34. The Ancient One The teacher to Dr Strange, The Ancient One was a mystical character shrouded in an enigmatic haze. Tilda Swinton played this character type very well but with her short tenure in the MCU it was difficult to grow attached to her. Maybe they’ll bring her back, even if just briefly, in Doctor Strange 2 as some vision or ethereal visitor. - Jesse 35. Korg This is a character that fans of the Planet Hulk storyline were absolutely excited to see. He is one of Hulk’s Warbound in the comics, but in Thor: Ragnarok, he’s a comedic influence on the movie as well as a revolutionary. He isn’t quite as fierce as some may have wanted, but he was still crucial to the storyline. Maybe he’ll show up in Infinity War… - Mike 36. Agent Ross This is a character that I want to know more about. He’s clearly a badass and has a storied past that is sure to come to light in Captain Marvel. He was a pilot, so I’m sure he has had interactions with Danvers and possibly fought beside her, which just makes him all the more worthy of grabbing some more screen time in the MCU. Not to mention the fact that the dude “took care of business” in Black Panther which foiled Killmongers plans to spread weapons all over the world. - Sam 37. Volstagg One of Thor’s Warriors Three, Volstagg was another one of those characters that wasn’t around long enough for us to get too attached to him. He was in Thor but then met his end in Thor: The Dark World. When in the course of a ten year epoch you as a character have only been around for maybe an hour’s worth of screen time, it’s difficult to remember who you are leave alone growing any attachment to you. - Jesse 38. Agent 13 Sharon was a character that was has ties to Steve Rogers, but they get kind of strange. She’s the niece of Peggy Carter, Cap’s initial flame. She spends time watching over Steve for Nick Fury, but develops feelings for him. She’s a good fighter and is the kind of person who excels at her job with government agencies. Sadly, she has only been a plot device and a love interest, which keeps her low on the list. - Mike 39. Nova Prime One of the most fair characters in the MCU that you don’t want to like at first due to her standing in the way of the Guardians, but ultimately will always side with the path of everything that is right and good. Hopefully her, along with the rest of the Nova Corps, will play an intergalactic role in Infinity War. - Sam 40. Hogun Like Volstagg, Hogun was a member of the Warriors Three and was yet another of the characters that suffered from lack of screen time. Meeting a similar fate to Volstagg, Hogun will be one of those characters destined to be brushed off to the side of Marvel history. - Jesse 41. Fandral A member of the Warriors Three, this character really got the short shrift. In addition to not doing much at all with Thor’s best friends in either of the first 2 movies, he was dispatched during Ragnarok. Minimal screen time, coupled with a change in actor found a way to hurt this character who has a rich history, specifically as it relates to Thor. - Mike 42. Miek Well, he's got knives for hands and he's a friend of Korg. Since being freed from Sakaar, he has joined Thor and the Asgardians in their journey. Perhaps he will fight in Infinity War, but he may be one character that was a one trick pony. - Sam #InfinityWar #IronMan #Falcon #PeggyCarter #Agent13 #CaptainAmerica #Spiderman #BlackPanther #BlackWidow #StarLord #Thor #DrStrange #Vision #Rocket #AntMan #BuckyBarnes #Gamora #TheIncredibleHulk #Groot #NickFury #Drax #Hawkeye #AgentCoulson #Shuri #ScarlettWitch #Wong #Nakia #Yondu #Okoye #Quicksilver #WarMachine #Valyrie #LadySif #Mantis #Odin #TheAncientOne #Korg #AgentRoss #Volstagg #NovaPrime #Hogun #Fandral #Miek #MCU #Marvel #TheTwistedCape #InfinityWars

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