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Aquaman Seeks Revenge On JLA Teammates

While on assignment at the Justice League’s headquarters, we observed a Justice League meeting. As time went on, the team began having a good natured ribbing session to break the tension of constantly being in tense situations. As it usually goes, they started picking on a familiar target: Aquaman.

Aquaman is used to being the target of the good natured jokes, but he seemed a little sensitive during this certain session.

It all started when the King of Atlantis left the room, to presumably get a glass of water. Someone (likely the Flash or Green Lantern) off-handedly made a fish joke. Then, the jokes started pouring in, no pun intended. As he walked back into the room, Aquaman heard Superman jokingly ask, “What do you think he does with all the goldfish that are flushed down the drain?” which drew a few chuckles.

Batman, looking up from work on his computer dryly replied, “I heard they all get a 21 gun salute,” and went back to work to uproarious laughter.

Aquaman politely asked his friends and teammates to calm down, to no avail.

Wonder Woman rose her voice saying “ENOUGH! Aquaman is a founding Justice League member and one of the most powerful people in this room.” The room drew eerily silent. She followed “Besides, most of his friends are likely fish sticks now.”

The room was now full of laughter and Aquaman slammed his fist on the table - leaving a massive impact crater, threw his chair across the room, and stormed out.

Since the team was staying overnight in the HQ, before launching their mobile base, all seemed to calm down afterwards and the team went their separate ways in the morning.

The next morning started with screams, and even Batman could be heard yelling “Why would someone do that?!” In the night, Aquaman had slipped into rooms and planted severed shark or dolphin heads in beds next to his teammates, or even tossing electric eels in their showers. The Flash was a victim of the eels and it comedically sent his powers into an uncontrollable hiccup.

Aquaman felt justified in his over the top laughter at his teammates expense. Superman chuckled and was quoted later, “Well played, old friend. Well played.”

The Flash was overheard saying, “Oh, it’s on fishboy” in an ominous tone with a devious smirk on his face. “It’s on.”

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