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Nightwing’s Superior Posterior

There has been quite a bit of buzz around the slick, statuesque hero Nightwing. What we know about him is impressive. He was Batman’s most long-standing sidekick, Robin. He’s grown into his own man, but following in his mentor’s footsteps fighting crime, but in his own way. Nightwing started out in Gotham, but has migrated to Bludhaven as its new protector.

As time as gone on, the Twisted Cape has received more and more fan mail from Bludhaven praising the young hero, much of it coming from those admiring his body. Most of the correspondence that we get is directed towards his rear end. As we combed through old file photos and footage, we noticed some questionable changes to his body.

Obviously, he grew up. He got taller, he got stronger. However, Nightwing’s butt has stuck out the most, which has led us to ask how he got it. Our options are laid out below:

Option 1 – Nightwing LOVES Squats. This popular exercise has been used to strengthen leg muscles for years, and would be the most likely in his ‘profession’.

Option 2 – Nightwing does steroids. Again, mentioning his lean, statuesque body, it is very difficult to get and maintain that body type without some pharmaceutical aids.

Option 3 – Nightwing has butt implants. This seems least likely and almost completely dismissable. There is almost no reason for this to be an option, but it was floated in our office.

Should we get any update, keep it right here on the Twisted Cape

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