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Venom Bullies Charlie Bucket Into Giving Up Last Golden Ticket

As the world-wide hysteria over Wonka’s Golden Ticket contest comes to an end, many are being left disappointed and equally as excited. For the lucky few who have found the golden tickets in their Wonka Chocolate, it is surely looking to be the experience of a lifetime. However, there is one ticket winner (former) who has been given sweet disappointment in lieu of chocolate.

Thirteen year-old Charlie Bucket, a U.K. citizen, was the final recipient of the hidden golden tickets. Unfortunately for him, the ticket did nothing but put a target on his back; one that, known U.S. villain, Venom, wanted for himself.

“It started out harmless enough”, said Charlie, “He would hide outside my classroom window and tease me throughout the day. At one point, he said he hoped I got diabetes from eating too much chocolate.”

However, it wasn’t until one particular incident occurred that Bucket thought to himself, “I think I may be in over my head.” After “days of relentless taunts”, Venom hid in the bathroom at Charlie’s school, and spilled water on Buckets pants as he was exiting the room, recalls one of Charlie’s classmates.

“Everyone was laughing at Charlie because it looked like he peed his pants, but I didn’t think it was funny so I threw my apple at the thing”, recalls his classmate. Apparently, the U.S. native monster thought it was another student, Thom Grantly, that threw the apple, and he is currently in critical condition at St. Elizabeths.

“After what happened to Thom, I had to give Venom the ticket. I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt.”, stated Bucket who followed up with “I’m sure Grandpa Joe and Venom will have a great time.”

Currently, every child that has won a golden ticket is either missing or in critical condition after entering the factory days ago. Investigators are looking into the disappearances with most fingers pointing to the foreign monster. The TC will be covering this story as more unfolds.

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