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Week of November 22, 2017

Well here we are, with a few rock solid titles out of the gate.


Doomsday Clock #1

Why should I read this?

This is a story that has been built up for so long and we finally get the beginning of the payoff. Also, it's a story anchored by Superman/Dr. Manhattan, so there is a lot to be excited for and even more to look forward to, since it's a 12-part miniseries. This book will likely remain on the list every time it comes out since it should have MASSIVE Rebirth implications. I assume punches won't be thrown for quite some time. Plus, the return of Rorschach! I'm definitely re-reading Watchmen, as well as "The Button" (the Batman/Flash crossover) before firing this bad boy up, even though I'm sure they'll do a good amount of back up for new readers.

Nightwing and the New Order #3

Why should I read this?

This is a neat future-based story where Nightwing has done all he can to outlaw powers and leads a group against those with powers, but now it's hitting close to home, when it affects his family. This issue sees Dick attempting to reconnect with an old ally for help.


Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #13

Why should I read this?

As a spinoff of Secret Wars, this is a peek into what Spider-Man's life with a wife (Mary Jane) and a daughter (Annie May) with powers. It has been a consistently strong book for fans of this status quo. This begins an arc where it time jumps forward.

Spidey/Deadpool #24

Why should I read this?

I mean, why wouldn't you? This book is consistently funny and has 2 amazing characters who often play the straight man for each other and allow each other to be hilarious. This should definitely be on your pull list, in general. This arc sees Spider-Man versus Deadpool, which is always interesting.

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