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Ghost Rider Uses Penance Stare on Girl Scout, Flees From Scene

The demonic, motorcycle-riding hell-being known as the Ghost Rider was seen using his signature penance stare on a local El Paso Girl Scout.

Ghost Rider was seen walking down the street, assumingly on an important mission, when he walked by a grocery store where a group of Girl Scouts were standing outside selling cookies. Passersby noted that Ghost Rider was simply walking past when the eldest Girl Scout repeatedly questioned him if he wanted to purchase any cookies.

After reaching a breaking point Ghost Rider instinctively grabbed the girl, stared into her face, and performed his penance stare. The girl, who was later identified as Becky Wilson, suddenly garnered a blank stare on her face and began wailing uncontrollably. At the sound of the screaming, Ghost Rider had realized what he had done, stopped, and fled from the scene before authorities could arrive.

The notable thing about the Rider’s penance stare is that it only affects those that have wronged others, making them experience the same guilt and pain that they inflicted on their victims. When the other troop members were asked why the stare would work on a seemingly innocent Girl Scout, they had some interesting responses.

“Becky is a bitch,” Melissa Collingdale, a fellow troop member, said. “She’s always tripping people, yelling at them, and being a general diva.”

“As far as I’m concerned she got what she deserved,” another troop member that declined to be identified stated. “Honestly if Ghost Rider’s stare worked on her that should tell you just how terrible of a person she is. And she’s only 10. Imagine what she’ll be like in another 10 years.”

When her parents were asked about the incident, they seemed less than concerned. “She’s such a little shit,” her mother said. “I hope that this incident put her in line and will make her re-evaluate herself.”

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