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Weekly Watch/Read for the Week of November 26th

This week is ALL watch. There is quite a bit to consume this week with a crossover, a season premiere and prep for our next podcast.

Crisis on Earth-X (The CW)

Finally, the premise of having 4 interconnected DC based shows truly fulfills it's potential. Last year's "Invasion!" storyline was fun, but it only barely used the Supergirl episode and the Arrow episode was their 100th, so it may not have been as full as it needed to be. This year however, we get a full 2-night, 4 hour-event dedicated to these heroes and their supporting casts with real stakes. Each show this season has been at the very least, fairly fun, so we should expect more of that. I am personally excited to see this version of the Justice League in the Arrowverse.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (ABC)

This show has only managed to get better and better with each passing season, culminating in last season's amazing execution. After surviving the Darkhold, Aida and her LMD's, The Framework and introducing a new Ghost Rider, this show only got stronger as time went on. They seem to be in space now, which is a definite shake up for this diverse cast. Hopefully, they keep the pod format which tightened up their story telling and narrowed the focus to make episodes meaningful. We will keep an eye on this one as this season progresses.

Marvel's The Punisher (Netflix)

When Jon Bernthal's Punisher was introduced in Daredevil, we had seen this character portrayed several times by several actors, so it was natural to be skeptical. After watching that take, there is every reason to be excited about this series. We've seen how gritty and ruthless this Punisher can be and it will be satisfying to see a full season dedicated to him. He is a definite anti-hero, so get ready for some shades of gray. Also, this will be the focus of our next Twistcast, which you should most definitely be listening to.

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