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Martian Manhunter Banned from Beijing After “Incredibly racist” Remarks

According to international sources, Martian Manhunter, elite member of the Justice League, has been recently outed from hiding this week after an altercation occurred between the hero and a local man from Beijing.

The alien reportedly refused to use chopsticks in a local dojo, saying, “You people need to understand that forks and spoons exist. I am not eating my rice with a stick. It is impossible. Maybe you all would be taller if you could eat more than one grain at a time.” It is at this time, according to a local woman, that the seemingly native-looking man then started turning green and reverted back into the form of the hero, Martian Manhunter. "After that, the jig was up.", the woman said.

The Justice League, not having seen the Martian for over a year, are both “shocked and deeply hurt” by these allegations. A press release from the Justice League PR rep, Thim Lake, reads as follows:

“We, at the Justice League headquarters, in no way support the views and actions of Martian Manhunter. Equality, freedom, and happiness is what we fight for, and will not stand for the racism presented by our members. Steps are currently being taken to get ahold of M.M. and we are asking everyone to bear with us until we can get to the bottom of this troubling situation. From everyone here at the Hall of Justice, we sincerely apologize.”

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