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Week of December 6, 2017

Here are some exciting books this week, a few of which are strong candidates for review.


Justice League #34

Batman and Mistake - two words that don't often appear together. However, they are the premise of this story when a sleep-deprived Batman makes a huge mistake, affecting the League. Definitely look for a review of this book this week.

Batman: White Knight #3

This series takes on what happens when Batman loses control and inadvertently cures Joker (now Jack Napier) who then looks to discredit Batman and his supporters in the public eye. With Harley Quinn by his side, this issue seems to advance the story and step the game up, impacting the Bat-family as they deal with their own tragic struggles.


Venom Inc. Alpha #1

As covered in the Weekly Watch / Read, this book unites the 3 people (Peter Parker, Flash Thompson, and Eddie Brock) most associated with the Venom Symbiote and is the kickoff of this event running through Venom and Amazing Spider-Man. I'm curious to see if we get a little Mac Gargan in this story as well. We'll find out Wednesday!

Avengers #674

This crossover between the Avengers and Champions called Worlds Collide takes place on Earth and Counter-Earth (an earth on the exact opposite side of the sun). They are on a collision course together and these two teams have to overcome some friction to keep these to Earths from collision and destruction.

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