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Superman’s New Power

From time to time, we’ve all noticed Superman develop new powers. We’ve been amazed by his strength, speed, invulnerability, and more. The Twisted Cape has obtained file footage from an anonymous Justice League source of an encounter that was shocking, embarrassing, and hilarious.

While out in space helping the Green Lantern, the team was on a planet of attractive humanoid females who are attracted to the male anatomy to stop them from abducting males throughout this portion of the galaxy. They have been known to seduce males, driving up their testosterone through arousal, and drinking it to provide their unique physiology with the ability to retain their youth.

While on this planet a decoy was needed to draw out these humanoids, so the League needed someone to be bait. Being a female herself, Wonder Woman was out. Batman, being the planner of the mission, was also out. Strangely, Lantern’s ring protected him from this and he was out. However, Superman volunteered because due to his Kryptonian biology his testosterone levels are much higher than a normal human male.

As Superman allowed himself to be seduced and aroused, he was swarmed with these aliens. The Justice League defeated them and rescued those who were kidnapped and returned them to where they belonged.

Back on Earth, a full week later, Superman’s state of arousal has not gone away. He has been heard boasting around the Justice League headquarters that it’s a new power, which he’s dubbed “the Superection.” He has apparently done all he can to get rid of it, but nothing has helped. He has retreated to the Fortress of Solitude to search for answers and has been unavailable for comment.

Should he develop new powers in the future, the Twisted Cape will have it covered.

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