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After Being Deemed a Menace to the Animal Community, Krypto the Superdog to be Neutered

Krypto the Superdog, the faithful canine companion to the Man of Steel himself, has been deemed a menace to the animal community of Metropolis by an Animal Control Committee. His sentence: neutering.

“Dog pregnancies have increased exponentially since his arrival on Earth,” said Diane Summers, director of Metropolis’ Animal Control Center. “This increase in birth rates among the dog population is putting a strain on shelter resources as we don’t have enough families willing to adopt them. We’ve had to euthanize a sizable portion of these births.”

How can they be so certain that the cause of these increased pregnancies were a result of Krypto we asked.

“Simple. After the dogs are born they immediately begin to fly or shoot lasers out of their eyes or some other batshit crazy thing,” Summers continued. “Many of our employees have suffered somewhat serious injuries as a result. Hell, we’ve even had someone lose an arm because the damn pup’s lasers cut right through his arm.”

We managed to catch up with Superman himself to ask his thoughts on this turn of events.

“He would never purposefully hurt anyone,” pleaded Superman. “I mean sure, there was that whole rabies incident a few months ago but those people were able to get rabies shots afterward and no one was irrevocably injured. And these are puppies. Who doesn’t like puppies?”

“Superman better keep his dog in line,” threatened Summers. “Because next time we won’t be so nice. Next time he’s going the way of Old Yeller.”

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