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Week of December 27th, 2017

It feels like we were just here not long ago. A big week of quality content, big titles, and at the very least, a fun week. Here are your 4 titles (2 from each publisher) that I highly recommend for the week. Also a trade recommendation that I've recently read.


Doomsday Clock #2

The first issue gave us some backstory for the characters from the Watchmen universe, and it seems like this issue will start to put things more in motion. This is a miniseries that has incredible potential to be HUGE for the DC universe, so hopefully, we get some of that in this issue, with Batman finding another relic of the Watchmen universe, which is hopefully Rorschach's journal. This is particularly interesting, because the detective knows something is out there with the power to reshape universes.

Nightwing the New Order #5 of 6

Dick is looking to do all he can in this issue to protect his son from the world against super powers that he created. As a miniseries, it's been a really fun take on an alternate future focused on one of the best characters DC has strongly supported in recent years. We'll get to see just how far this father is willing to go to save his son.


Amazing Spider-Man #793

Part 4 of the Venom Inc. story. The last issue ended up with Eddie Brock being reunited with the Venom symbiote, while Spidey and Anti-Venom got captured by Lee Price. Things don't look too good for our favorite wall crawler in this issue. Hopefully we see some real story progress in this issue of the crossover which has been a little slow thus far. I also look for some threads that propel us toward milestone issue #800.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #25

Part 3 of Spider-Man versus Deadpool. The series has taken an interesting turn since Deadpool has gone back to his murderous, mercenary ways which puts these two "friends" at odds. This book is always fun with 2 fun characters going out on wacky adventures. Even when it isn't great, it's still fun.

Trade Recommendation: Trinity - Vol. 2

Trinity is a DC series focused on the adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. The second volume involves the Justice League, but more importantly, sets up the involvement of Wonder Woman and Batman into the Doomsday Clock miniseries.

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