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Weekly Watch/Read: Week of December 24th, 2017

This week is a little bit tough, since traditionally there isn't a ton of content. All of the TV shows are currently on break for the week, and publishers usually don't put out big material this week, but this year, we get a bit of an exception. We have some pretty good things to read this week and the watch allows you to get a little creative.


You can catch up this week easily on things that have been piling up on your DVR. Additionally, you can make it through either late year streaming show that came out if you haven't watched yet- The Punisher (Netflix) or Runaways (Hulu). Both shows are good enough to sink a lot of this free week into.


Doomsday Clock #2

The second issue in this highly anticipated series. We get a little bit of the Dark Knight in this installment as well as Lex Luthor. This will be incredibly interesting, by virtue of potential alone. Look for a review later this week.

Amazing Spider-Man #793

Part 4 of the Venom Inc. storyline. This has had some interesting moments. As we speed toward the end of this crossover and race toward Amazing Spider-Man's 800th issue, look for some developments to take place in this issue.

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