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Green Arrow Struggles to Design New Arrow Types

In a rare occurrence reporters in Star City were actually able to catch the Green Arrow for some questions. One local reporter asked a very simple question that many people would share of any of our super-powered counterparts: What is it like being the Green Arrow?

“Exhausting,” replied the enigmatic green-clad crusader. “Do you know how difficult it is to come up with new and unique arrow designs?”

After a brief moment of confusion reporters followed up questioning whether he meant that the physical aspects of the job were getting to be too much.

“What? Oh yeah I guess that too,” said the Green Arrow. “But the arrow making is the real pain. You always have to keep it fresh and sometimes you really just don’t know what else you can attach to the end of a piece of wood and fire at the bad guys.”

“I tried throwing some honey on an arrow thinking that would maybe be really annoying to the guy especially when he started to attract bugs. Imagine that, being covered in honey with a hoard of bugs crawling towards you. Total nightmare.”

“That led me to attaching a full wasp’s nest onto the end of an arrow. That one didn’t end too well for me though. I’ve still got bites in places I’d rather not discuss.”

Thankfully before he could drone on any longer a siren rang out in the distance as he turned, stumbled over his feet, and fled off into the night.

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