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Blackbolt’s Destructive Allergy Season

It turns out allergies – seasonal or specific - don’t just affect us as a minor inconvenience.

They can also be deadly. The Twisted Cape learned of a firsthand account of how deadly allergies can be to the wrong individuals.

After spending years on the moon, the Inhuman royal family came to Earth. To say that their arrival was jarring is an understatement. Like any family, they needed to find a place to live.

While out touring properties to purchase in New York City, Blackbolt was seen making an odd face that his wife and queen, Medusa, had never seen him make before. After touring the third property, he seemed to be in some type of discomfort.

Upon arrival at the fourth property, his eyes began to water, which had never happened before. He suddenly inhaled and let out a massive sneeze. This sneeze leveled the entire city block they were looking at.

While there was remorse in his eyes, he wasn’t done. He attempted to fight off the next one, to no avail. He pointed his head directly up in the air and sneezed again. This time, he shredded a flock of pigeons overhead. As pigeon bits rained down all around them, he had something else working its way out.

He looked straight down at the sidewalk and let out a cough that created a crater in the ground, exposing the subway station underneath.

Since he had never previously encountered trees, there was no way to know he was allergic to pollen. The TC talked to a few residents of the destroyed city block and found that rooftop gardens had recently been installed, with quite a few trees. The Royal Family was contacted for comment and they only said “no more house shopping in the spring.”

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