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Week of January 3rd, 2018

Welcome to 2018, which looks to be a big comic book year. Some pretty cool books this week, including a couple of miniseries. No trade this week, but there will be one next week.


Batman: The White Knight #4

This series approaches its midway point, we may get a little bit more of the former Joker's plan to be the beacon for Gotham City's people and get rid of the increasingly destructive Batman. Batman has also suffered a loss making him more distant, even to his own family. As part of a miniseries, it's nice to see a different take on the relationships between Batman's rogues gallery and his own family as well.

Superman #38

The conclusion of the Super Sons of Tomorrow arc is here! Thus far, Batman in the future, who happens to be Tim Drake, is back to kill Superman's son, Jon, to prevent a disaster he causes down the road. It's roped in multiple characters from the world, including the Teen Titans. It has been a fun crossover for fans of Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent.


Phoenix Resurrection #2

We hopefully get some answers from the back end of the first issue. There was a big cliffhanger for longtime X-Fans about a few characters. We'll see how this develops in this issue. You can check out our previous issue's review here.

X-Men Gold #19

The last issue ended with a god awakening to fight the team. It was large. It's not clear how they will manage to win against such a large and powerful character, but this team of X-Men are eXperts (see what I did there) at finding a way to win.

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