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Weekly Watch/Read for the Week of December 31st 2017

Happy New Year! Not much is going on from the Watch end this week. Many shows are still on winter break, but there are still some options. Some good series are out to Read this week, so you can still get your nerd fix in. This week, we get 2 Marvel TV shows, one live-action and one animated, and 2 comic book miniseries.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

It's hard to believe we're already 6 episodes into this season. We have Daisy in a precarious situation this week and she will need some help. This show has consistently grown in quality and is absolutely worth your time.

Marvel's The Avengers: Secret Wars

This cartoon has been a mix of comic book source material with the movie characters that people may be a bit more familiar with. Interestingly, they have included more upcoming characters like Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Black Panther. This Sunday's two-part episode introduces Doctor Strange to the team.


Batman & The Signal #1 (of 3)

This book spins out of Metal and the rest of Scott Snyder's Batman run. Duke Thomas is an intriguing character and looks to be Gotham City's first "daytime Bat." This book is exciting for fans of the character and hopefully gets more than a miniseries.

Phoenix Resurrection #2 (of 5)

We are returning Jean Grey to the land of the living. This mysterious book has raised some interesting questions and hopefully the answers come quickly as this weekly series develops. In case you want to catch up, check out our full review of the last issue.

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