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Mister Miracle #6 (of 12) Review

Spoiler Free

This issue is brilliant. It starts by dealing with the end of last issue when Barda asked Scott to stay after she brutally takes out Funky Freshman and the Highfather’s Guard. This entire issue centers on a single conversation between Barda and Scott. The climax of the conversation is excellent, followed by an encounter with a character they’ve been teasing since the series started. Since it’s so difficult to talk about this issue and not provide any spoilers…

Spoiler Filled

Mister Miracle and Big Barda are disposing of the bodies in The Flamer from the end of last issue. This whole thing starts with a simple phrase from Big Barda “I want to redo the whole condo.” Brilliantly, this conversation carries through almost the whole issue. There is an awesome contrast of discussing remodeling a condo around the surroundings on New Genesis. They discuss moving walls and adding bathrooms while they go through deathtrap after deathtrap, killing guards and any other obstacles in their way to Orion. They go through 5 deathtraps and kill guards in multiple ways. They discuss their experiences growing upon Apokolips, particularly dealing with Granny and how it shaped them. Scott figures something is going on as they escape the shrinking room, since Barda brings up adding another bedroom. In the middle of a fight with Lightray, Barda reveals that she’s pregnant and charges back into battle, knocking Lightray out. Scott chases her, catches her and hugs her telling her that he loves her. Scott goes to confront Orion and finds his brother bloodied and lying on the floor. He yells at a character off panel “What did you do?” He gets a response from none other than Darkseid, who says “Darkseid does not do,” followed by the panel that has shown up all throughout the series, Darkseid is. He then uses a boomtube to leave. Barda comes in hearing much of the noise from the room and finds Scott in shock. The issue ends with him saying that he’s seen the face of god.

Reflections, Impressions, and Predictions

  • Holy crap, Mister Miracle is going to be a daddy! This is a huge change for the character and you can see the impact as soon as this issue

  • The narration at the beginning and end of issues is excellent.

  • I figured out the big pregnancy reveal right after the Tidedragon room, but it was still cool to see take place.

  • Finally getting Darkseid in this book was sweet, even if it’s literally for a panel.

  • Is Orion dead or badly injured?

  • This book’s style is so cool and gritty at times as well as being grand at several times.

  • Hints are dropped about the pregnancy from the first page and on additional reads it becomes even more clear

  • This book consistently one to pick up, which makes me a little sad that it’s only a 12-part miniseries.

Final Breakdown

Story – Storytelling here is excellent and drives forward with every page and every panel. Absolutely stellar. 10/10

Art – The art on this book looks so good all the time. It’s style is perfect for the story telling. 10/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – These characters explore their history in a way that is incredibly related to the story and builds it for some big character moments. 9/10

Twist Factor – A big reveal and a brief cameo of one of DC’s big bads. 10/10

Final Score – Absolutely amazing. A must read. 10/10

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