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Doctor Octopus Unveils New Weapon to Use Against Spider-man: A Giant Bug Zapper

Trying to contain his excitement, Doctor Octopus, long-time rival to the web-slinger Spider-man, unveiled his latest plan to defeat his foe. Standing in front of a red satin curtain he exclaimed that he had finally found the final solution.

“Behold,” he beckoned while pulling back the curtain to reveal a giant bug zapper. “It’s so brilliant and simple, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner!”

A hush fell on the crowd followed by quiet murmurs of confusion. One brave soul who declined to be named asked simply “How exactly is this supposed to defeat Spider-man?”

“Well you see, Spider-man is a bug and as a bug he will naturally be attracted to this light and when he gets close enough zap! He’ll be fried,” the mad scientist gleefully explained.

The crowd fell silent once more as the confused audience tried to comprehend what they had heard.

“You know that spiders aren’t bugs and don’t get attracted to these things, right?” asked another crowd member hesitantly.

The smiled faded from the doctor’s face as the slow realization of this statement sunk in. The scientist then began to smash the device while spewing expletives.

When Spider-man himself was asked about what Doctor Octopus unveiled, he had a simple statement.

“Seriously Doc? I expected better of you.”

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