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Weekly Watch/Read: Week of January 14th, 2018

We get back into a regular rhythm this week as the CW shows come back. We still have an intriguing season of SHIELD going on and some books are reaching their conclusion, while others are just getting started.


Winter DC CW Returns

The Heroes of the Flarrowverse were left in a precarious set of positions. Barry is about to be put on trial for a murder, Oliver's team has splintered and turned on him, the Legends have lost 2 teammates, and Kara got Mon El back, only to discover that he's got a wife now which pales in comparison to the beating she took from Reign. There is a lot going on and it's exciting to be watching again.

New CW Show - Black Lightning

For several reasons, this show is significant. Whether you are in becausee the family is black, or if you love the family aspect, excitement is incredibly high. Hopefully, it lives up to it's expectationsl


Super Sons #12/Superman #39

This week, the saga pulling members of the Super family, Bat family, and Teen Titans together wraps up. Dealing with a future Tim Drake as Batman and then later Savior attempting to kill Jonathan Kent has been a thrill ride. Here's hoping that this crossover sticks the landing.

Venom Inc Omega

This event wraps up this week as well. In the last issue, Lee Price reclaimed all of his symbiote and looked like trouble for our heroes. Also hoping this series sticks the landing. It has been a little bit disappointing thus far, so the final chapter needs to cover a lot of ground to make it worthwhile.

Thor #703

Jane isn't looking so good and in a story called "The Death of Mighty Thor" a lot of questions will need some answering and at this point, we don't know just how much time Jane has left, nor how it will affect the Asgardians, particularly the Odinson. This is a book I look forward to monthly.

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