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Mike's Picks - Week of January 17th, 2018

Brief Description of what is being covered this week and whether or not a trade is included.


Justice League #37

This story drives what could be the spark for a major change in the DC Universe. We already know thanks to Doomsday Clock that at least Gotham turns on Batman. However, this story could be the turning point of where the downturn begins. The Justice League is already beginning to fray at the seams, so this story feels more and more important, despite it's early lack of clarity. Although it uses a storytelling format that I don't like, this story is shaping up to be important.

Trinity #17

First of all, anytime you can get a book with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, just pick it up. These 3 stand at the core of the DC universe and their relationship is critical to understanding how things work. This book quietly illustrates that relationship in a quality way, while managing to make it deeper. It has also given us a peek at how our main heroes are dealing with the fallout of main plot points from Rebirth. More importantly, the next arc beginning here looks to focus on Diana, which is never a bad thing.


Avengers #675

The Avengers weekly event gives us the second entry this week. Marvel is looking to use Legacy to refresh the Avengers and all of their books. The first chapter gave us some set up and introduced a "new" character, Voyager, who is almost in a Sentry type of way old to the Marvel U. Hopefully we get some answers this week, replaced by 3 questions a piece as this story runs for 16 weeks. This week looks like we get a pair of villain teams dropping in on Earth.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #299

Milestone issues are a big deal, so as PPSSM chugs towards 300, the Most Wanted storyline ramps up in this penultimate chapter. Chip Zdarsky has done an excellent job capturing the Spidey essence in this title so far, so you should expect nothing but excellence from this book. Tinkerer's crew mobilizes against Spider-Man and Black Panther as they protect Pete's sister Theresa.

Trade Recommendation

Civil War

This main book, coupled with the plethora of tie-ins changed the scope of the Marvel U and how we viewed comics in our world. Not enough can be said about the impact of this book. It's also fun to read it and compare it to the movie, which is decidedly different. If you haven't already, please check it out. If you have and just missed a bunch of the tie-ins, please do yourself a favor and take that trip down memory lane, especially the Spider-Man tie-in.

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