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Justice League #37 Review

Spoiler Free

The League has it’s hands full. They’ve been persecuted heavily in the news. So, this is a story told from a different perspective. A little history, with touches of the League sprinkled in. We find out about what has happened to Green Lantern Simon Baz, who was captured at the end of the last issue. As Jess and Batman try to find Simon, Cyborg makes a discovery. Simon plays a pivotal role in the end of this issue as well.

Spoiler Filled

The story we are told early on is from the point of the person as The Fan. His backstory is interesting enough. His friend Deez, got saved by the League only to be killed by a beer truck on his 19th birthday. However, he lived long enough to help The Fan recover from a building essentially falling on him. He recovered and became a soldier.

He talks to the captured Simon about what he’s gone through. He reveals that he knows all of the team’s names. He is obsessed with the original Green Lantern and rejects all of the others who have become Lanterns.

Batman and Lantern Jess Cruz are actively trying to find Simon. They are figuring out something as wrong, since Simon was undercover as Bruce Wayne. Simon and Jess are connected and they can sense each other through their rings, unless they are concealing them from each other. Meanwhile, Regina Cole argues on TV with Roland Knox about the need for heroes and the masks they wear as well as the risks/rewards they pose. Batman and Jess find Simon’s last known location where Jess finds a note, moments before the bar explodes, destroying all the evidence left behind.

The Fan taunts Simon with his ring which is in a box which is draining it of power. The Fan dresses as a Green Lantern, and leaves Simon alone. Meanwhile Cyborg discovers that they have been infiltrated. As they find a work around, Simon escapes only to learn that he’s been wearing his ring the entire time and has been affected by an inhibitor.

The League learns that The Fan he is hunting people who are attempting to discredit the League. When he tries to assassinate Roland, the tables are turned on him when Diana and Arthur reveal themselves as Regina and Roland, respectively. With the assistance of Simon, Jess, and Batman, they take The Fan down. They discovered his name is Joshua by determining that he was a technician on the Watchtower. As they contemplate what to do with him, he uses their technology to beam them out.

Reflections, Impressions, and Predictions

  • I’ve said it before, I really hate the Law & Order style of story telling.

  • I hate when there are misleading covers like this issue has.

  • I love that they worked in a character named Deez. I want to instinctively say “nuts” after I see his name.

  • Batman does Batman things.

  • It’s nice that Simon gets to feel like more of a character in this story thus far.

  • I loved Victor struggling with his appearance based off of his conversation from 2 or 3 issues ago.

  • The fact that a regular guy like the Fan aka Joshua got the drop on the League shows that they aren’t perfect.

  • This does veer into a comparison from Marvel’s Civil War and is interesting to see how it all plays out, especially considering the fact that the heroes seem to be on a downswing publicly in Doomsday Clock.

  • Flash adds a moment of humor to an otherwise very serious book. Classic Barry.

  • Diana does not look right as a blonde.

Final Breakdown

Story – Getting some moving pieces falling into place, getting more answers. More onboard now and interested to see where it goes. 8/10

Art – Iconic characters have an iconic look, yet there is strangely way more detail on some panels than others. 7/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – Batman the Detective, Cyborg the overwatch, Barry the goof. Exactly who they should be, and this marches us right towards Doomsday Clock’s timeline. 8/10

Twist Factor – The cover lies to you really badly. I hate that. They do us all a disservice with that. 4/10

Final Score – Continues to build, yet has influences of other certain books. 7/10

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