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Review Round Up for 1/17/18

A slight change for the next few months. We’ll be closely tracking Justice League and Avengers as they both have big events going on. Those will be the spotlighted books of the week, unless there is a book so excellent or big that we just HAVE to do a full review of it. There are links to full reviews of the two spotlighted books of the week. Please let us know what you’d like us to review by leaving a comment on our Facebook page, send us an email to or messaging any of us directly. Keep in mind that the format we’ll follow will be as follows:

Book Title and Number(Story Arc Name)*

Quick Breakdown



Continuity/Character Consistency

Twist Factor

Final Score

*Denotes Book of the Week

Here we go!

Avengers #675 (No Surrender)

With the Earth still in a new place, the Avengers go to work, helping where they can. One mystery gets kind of solved, while looking back in time. As the various leaders of the Avengers teams are tested, 2 villain teams touchdown in Africa. Another mystery is uncovered centering on the villains - some old, some new – all leading to a jarring cliffhanger. Check out the full review

Story – Answered questions, presented more, and left the team in a precarious situation. Moving very quickly so far which is great. 8/10

Art – Clean lines, good facial work, good action scenes, and neat throwback style. 8/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – Remembering that the Avengers are a dysfunctional family with mutants and other powered characters makes this about as consistent as you can get. The biggest question is where this falls in Jane Foster’s timeline, since we know she’s close to death. 7/10

Twist Factor – The answered questions about Voyager, and that explosive ending. 7/10

Final Score – This book holds quite a bit of intrigue moving forward. 7.5/10

Batman #39 (Superfriends part 3)

This issue focuses on the Batman/Wonder Woman relationship like previous issues did with Superman since Batman’s engagement. Diana comes to Gotham and uses the Bat Signal (because she thought it would be fun) to summon Batman. They made an offer to someone called The Gentle Man, who fights hordes of demons trying to get into our realm. He’s fought them for thousands of years and they offered to come back one day to give him a rest and now he’s taking them up on that offer. Batman comes out in armor, which gets him mocked by both Catwoman and Wonder Woman. They cross over to fight the horde while The Gentle Man crosses back to see his wife. He spends part of the day with Catwoman, and someone attempts to rob them which is easily thwarted. It’s revealed that time moves differently there. The Gentle Man has only been there for a year in our time, but in that dimension it’s been thousands of years. Catwoman says it’s been hours so she wonders how long they’ve been gone. To Wonder Woman and Batman, they’ve been fighting for at least 10 years. The issue ends with Bruce and Diana seemingly about to kiss.

Story – Capitalizing on the Trinity relationship, Bruce and Diana show off their warrior’s nobility while also showing their history together. 8/10

Art – Stunning at times, a little too sketchy at others. Good, but not great. 7/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – This is surprisingly accurate, since there’s always been a spark of romance between these 2 warriors. Interested to see how this plays out. 8/10

Twist Factor – The reveal of the difference of the passage of time. We wouldn’t have known by the glimpses we’ve seen of them in that dimension. 7/10

Final Score –7.5/10

Justice League (The People vs. Justice League: The Fan)

The League has it’s hands full. They’ve been persecuted heavily in the news. So, this is a story told from a different perspective. A little history, with touches of the League sprinkled in. We find out about what has happened to Green Lantern Simon Baz, who was captured at the end of the last issue. As Jess and Batman try to find Simon, Cyborg makes a discovery. Simon plays a pivotal role in the end of this issue as well. Check out the full review

Story – Getting some moving pieces falling into place, getting more answers. More onboard now and interested to see where it goes. 8/10

Art – Iconic characters have an iconic look, yet there is strangely way more detail on some panels than others. 7/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – Batman the Detective, Cyborg the overwatch, Barry the goof. Exactly who they should be, and this marches us right towards Doomsday Clock’s timeline. 8/10

Twist Factor – The cover lies to you really badly. I hate that. They do us all a disservice with that. 4/10

Final Score – Continues to build, yet has influences of other certain books. 7/10

The Mighty Thor #703 (The Death of The Mighty Thor)

Jane wasn’t looking so good the last time we saw her, as she collapsed in Asgardia. Early in this issue, we get a flashback to a few days ago, when the people in Jane’s life are looking out for her. Jane bails on time hanging out with Rosalind, ducks phone calls from Falcon and makes Dr. Strange concerned, all stemming from her being Thor. In the present, she wakes up in a hospital bed surrounded by those 3 people and the Odinson, who express their concern for her. Meanwhile, the Mangog has made it to Asgardia who immediately does battle with Heimdall and plucks out his eyes. The Mangog destroys the Rainbow Bridge, which send Asgardia’s warriors after him. Back in the hospital, Strange uses his medical and mystical knowledge to tell Jane that if she changes again, she won’t survive a change back. After this has been relayed, Mjolnir shows up to inform Jane of the Mangog. Odinson yells at Mjolnir because it’s killing Jane faster and faster. Back in Asgardia, Freya tells Cul that they need Asgard’s greatest weapon, The Destroyer. She takes control of it and marches to fight the Mangog. In the hospital, Jane walks towards Mjolnir, trying to make a decision about whether or not she should engage the Mangog in battle. The Mangog bests the Destroyer in combat, and tells Odin that he’s next. Jane walks away from Mjolnir asking that Odinson makes sure that their side doesn’t lose. The book ends with a cool reversal of the cover of Odin and his son staring down a charging Mangog, with Jane in a hospital bed. Finally, we get a bonus! A post credit scene of sorts with Wolverine dropping off flowers at Jane’s hospital.

Story – This story does nothing but get more and more epic and dire with each passing issue. I almost get mad that it’s one of the few books that isn’t on an accelerated schedule. 9/10

Art – Looks spectacular. From the action, to the facial work, particularly sick Jane. 9/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – The history shared between all of these characters adds weight to each and every scene they share. 9/10

Twist Factor – 2 in this issue – Odinson essentially yelling at Mjolnir like Old Yeller and the ridiculous power level of the Mangog. 8/10

Final Score – 9/10

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #299 (Most Wanted)

This story escalates in this issue, moving Spidey and Teresa around more and more, incorporating more Marvel U heroes. While Black Panther was an ally in the last issue, he turns to someone looking to obtain the info in Teresa’s bloodstream, which spawns a fight between he and Spidey. Several heroes end up involved including Hawkeye, Ironheart, and Vision. Meanwhile JJJ and Betty Brant track down the Tinkerer’s workshop by using Shocker. A group of villians decide to cause havoc as Spidey and Teresa go back to see Mason, who has found a way to help. They split up and Spidey goes to help Ironheart battle Vulture, Beetle, Whiplash, Shocker, Boomerang, and the Tinkerer’s newest invention, the Hero-Slayer. Somehow, the Hero-Slayer takes down Vision, Falcon, Iron Heart, and Black Panther by doing something to disrupt the and their powers, leading to them all ganging up on Spider-Man. The issue ends with JJJ and Betty exploring the Tinkerer’s workshop. They find Mason carrying an unconscious Teresa, and out of his robotic body (!) comes the Tinkerer himself.

Story – Twists and turns keep this story moving and developing, creating some anticipation for the last part of this story arc. 7/10

Art – While there are many guest stars, this is a Spider-Man book and he’s rarely looked better. Excellent illustration. 9/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – The other heroes of the Marvel U don’t trust Spidey, and sadly this is largely the case. You would figure more of his Avengers teammates would trust him though, considering the adventures that they’. 6/10

Twist Factor – Jonah actively helping Spidey and nearly admitting it. 8/10

Final Score – 7.5/10

Superman #39 (Goodnight Moon)

What an absolutely touching book. I won’t actually give too much away here. It starts with Superman taking down The Demolition Team, who actually reminds me a lot of Marvel’s Wrecking Crew. After that he makes a stop to a hospital and takes a group of sick kids to the Watchtower. He involves the Justice League, which gives these kids an unforgettable day which includes a scavenger hunt. There’s an excellent Batman moment at the end of the scavenger hunt. It ends with Superman with the kids on the moon looking back at Earth.

Story – There are rare standalone stories that showcase Superman’s power and his goodness all at the same time and this issue does that with perfection. 9/10

Art – Illustrating so many characters can be difficult but an admirable job is done here. Some character inconsistencies hold this score down. 6/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – The montage showing the Justice League members is the core of these characters. However, the focus here is the sick kids, not the League or even Superman. 7/10

Twist Factor – All the feels. This is who Superman is. 9/10

Final Score – 8/10

Super Sons #12 (Super Sons of Tomorrow)

This issue had to wrap up everything from all 3 titles of this crossover. The issue starts by dealing with the fallout of Savior falling into the timestream. There’s a neat visual of pivotal moments in DC history as he falls through time. Naturally, Superman directs his attention to Cassie, Bart, and Connor, who explain they can’t say anything due to time travel and they go back to their time. As Gar mentions that he thought he knew the blonde girl, Kid Flash reveals that he took a selfie so they could figure out who they were. Raven destroys the phone due to the fact that they could compromise the timeline. We know that Batman is recovering from his run in with Savior. Superman talks to Jon and Damian about how he thinks he may no longer allow them to fight crime together. They convince him otherwise as they go outside to see the rest of the Teen Titans, who no longer have an HQ. Superman allows them to use the Watchtower, where they determine that they’ll need to vote about Superboy’s status as a Teen Titan. Damian is the lone vote for him, as the others point out they need to get better as a team. They reference that Savior picked them apart easily. As Jon walks away, Damian follows him and has a rare moment of softening.

Story – Wraps up some loose ends, while setting up some fresh stories for this book and Teen Titans. 7/10

Art – There’s almost an anime quality of art in this book, which looks excellent. I hope this artist sticks around for a bit. 8/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – This book allows Damian and Jon to grown and develop outside of their parent’s shadow. It’s interesting to see a prospective Batman and Superman grow up together. 7/10

Twist Factor – The Damian/Jon relationship now rivals that of their fathers. 8/10

Final Score – 7.5/10

Trinity #17 (No Home For You Here)

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this issue has so much action, that it seems really short. All three main characters are telling a story about what they’ve just experienced to an unseen person. The body language for all 3 of them on the first page is reflective of their personalities, which is cool. The story they are telling is about how they try to help Diana find Themyscira which has been lost to her. As they search areas of the world suspected to be hidden by magic, the get sucked to a world called Skartaris. They crash land and find each other, noticing some fairly big changes. Batman loses his plane, Superman loses his powers, and Wonder Woman loses her sight. They find an SR-71 as part of a shrine, leading to them being attacked by the Lizard Men of the Ba’al forest. They fight off the Lizard Men and Diana says that they have likely crashed on a world that the pilot of the SR-71 found and made his own. The issue ends with an introduction to the pilot, who goes by Warlord. The trio note that this is how an odyssey became a war.

Story – Action packed and strips characters down to core values: endurance, courage, and bravery. 8/10

Art – Just gorgeous. I’d highly recommend this book on it’s art alone. 8/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – This book deals with the fallout of big revelations from Rebirth, yet doesn’t quite touch on when this is happening. 7/10

Twist Factor – The mutual admiration for each other, even lacking powers or sight. 7/10

Final Score

Venom Inc. Omega (Venom Inc.)

This issue had a lot to do to finish off this quick crossover. The team (Venom, Anti-Venom, Black Cat, Spider-Man, and Maniac) is in full on battle mode with Lee Price who is massive now with the full symbiote. Anti-Venom goes to end the battle early, but gets hit with a tree, leaving the rest of his crew thinking he’s dead. They all go after him and Price tries to take control of Black Cat again, but he cannot since she’s already rejected the symbiote once. Spidey finds Flash as Andi douses Price with hellfire. Spidey gives flash a pep talk as Anti-Venom heals Flash. Price almost stomps on Black Cat until Spidey rescues her. Venom drives a truck into his foot, so he can then dive out and gouge his eyes. As they realize that the antibodies in the blood are the key to stopping him, Spidey finds Flash and uses his blood as a booster to Anti-Venom’s powers. This happens with an awesome homage to Predator’s iconic Schwarzenegger/Weathers handshake, which is called out immediately. Venom and Spidey web Price up as Flash administers the cure. The team all goes their separate ways, healing some long-standing wounds and strengthening some friendships. Fresh starts are made for some of them, including Venom and Black Cat. Hopefully this hints at bigger things from them in the future.

Story – A good conclusion that changes much about the initial slow pace of the series. This issue, however only barely changes what would be the overall score of the miniseries. 7/10

Art – I’m never a fan of multiple artists in one book and that stands out in this book as well. Some of the book looks excellent, especially the action scenes. Other, smaller parts look strange, especially facial work. 7/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – Many of the characters are exactly what you’d expect, however, this event challenges them to see growth, which is appreciated. This all takes place over one day so timing isn’t too much of an issue. 7/10

Twist Factor – The Predator Moment. Pure excellence. 8/10

Final Score – 7/10

X-Men Gold (The Negative Zone War)

The last issue ended with a ship crashing and this one picks up right in it’s aftermath. Storm, without her powers due to this planet, is fighting a monster in a desert. Miles away, Ink finds Nightcrawler who is impaled with debris. Ink removes the debris and heals Kurt. Old Man Logan and Armor wake up and start looking for other X-Men and find Ink and Nightcrawler. Shadowcat and Colossus are exposed in the elements and Colossus is in a bad way. Elsewhere, storm finds a way to kill the monster after her with a makeshift spear. Back out in the desert, Peter falls unconscious seemingly dying. As the others try to find a way to get off the planet, Kitty is doing all she can to save Peter when Storm finds them. Storm and Kitty pick up Peter and start to move him back to the ship. On the ship, Kurt finds something that will allow them to pass through dimensions and get back home, but it needs a power source. Ink senses Kitty, Storm, and Peter and goes to bring them in from the storm. Old Man Logan talks to Ororo, helping her find a way to use her powers allowing them to get back home. After they get back home and begin to rebuild, Kitty catches up with Peter on the mend. The issue ends with Kitty shockingly proposing to Colossus.

Story – While not a traditional story, it’s a story about the willpower of the X-Men. It could have had more impact outside of the last 2 pages. 6/10

Art – This book usually looks good, but this issue, I particularly liked the monster that Storm battled. 8/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – The development of Kitty and Peter as well as who Logan is as an old man. This team is really coming together. 7/10

Twist Factor – That last page with the proposal. 8/10

Final Score – 7/10

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