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Avengers #677 - No Surrender

Spoiler Free

Told from Quicksilver’s point of view, we learn about the fallout from the last issue. There is a little bit of time spent with the Black Order, but we also learn a little bit about who has started this whole thing. The Avengers regroup and go on offense while attempting to unfreeze their colleagues via magic. This has unexpected consequences for at least one Avenger.

Spoiler Filled

This issue is largely from Pietro’s point of view, and he notices that something is wrong slightly before the rest of the team. He figures out that it’s an attack on the Avengers just before everyone else. He goes to try to evacuate the Avengers, but there’s not enough time, even for him. The Black Order surveys their destruction, they sweep the area telepathically and determine that the Avengers have been killed. Meanwhile, the Avengers teleport into a bunker that is an auxiliary HQ that several Avengers forgot existed. Voyager is briefly shaken by teleporting so many people at once, and Quicksilver tries to rally the troops to strike back at the Black Order. The team leaders, Falcon, Citizen V, and Rogue make it known that they need to strategize attempt to figure out what’s behind all of this since the Black Order doesn’t usually operate that way. There are 2 powerful figures engaged in a game and we learn the identity of one of those behind Earth’s theft – the Grandmaster. They seem to be playing to the death with Earth as a board. In Midtown, Beast is still with Jarvis, who’s brain seems to be fighting itself. While talking to Dr. Ho on a newly established contact system, a global alert system goes off. There are 2 columns of light in Rome and Peru that cause environmental disturbances and they come with alien invaders as well. The Avengers assemble and split into teams, with the leaders drafting members. 2 teams go out and another team to stay behind as support. They don’t pick Pietro for one of the field teams which doesn’t sit well with him. Voyager transports the two teams right into battle as a team of magicians try to use magic to fix their frozen colleagues. Pietro gets upset and runs off to go help Rogue’s team. Meanwhile Wanda and Brother Voodoo attempt to unfreeze Vision. When Quicksilver arrives only Cannonball is left standing and shortly after, it’s just him. As Quicksilver makes quick work of the Lethal Legion, Wanda frees Vision, but she doesn’t know that she’s seemingly frozen Quicksilver. In his frozen state, he’s beaten by the Blood Brothers, leaving his fate unknown as the issue ends.

Reflections, Impressions, and Predictions

  • I had a suspicion that at least one of these big villains was the Grandmaster!

  • In this stasis, can people be hurt? Also, what are they aware of? It seems like Pietro can still look around.

  • What is going on with Jarvis and is it significant to the storyline?

  • What other secrets does Voyager have tucked away, other than a secret Avengers HQ that could be useful?

  • Is the person playing the Grandmaster another big villain that we know about? Could it be Kang, Apocalypse, or the Maker (Ultimate Reed Richards)?

  • How has Falcon’s team fared against the Black Order? Hopefully, better than Rogue’s team.

  • What are the stakes of this game being played?

  • I’m appreciative about how quickly this story is moving. 3 issues in and we have a lot to juggle and we only have to wait until next week for more answers and probably more questions.

Final Breakdown

Story – Fast paced story (no pun intended) that again provides answers, yet more questions. 8/10

Art – This book looks good. There’s a lot of action here and those shots look as good as those with just dialogue. 8/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – As we learn more about Voyager, the more she’s tied into Avengers continuity, which adds an interesting twist. 7/10

Twist Factor – Trading one Avenger for another, with potentially catastrophic consequences. 8/10

Final Score – 8/10

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