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Bruce Wayne Facing Child Abuse Charges

In a shocking turn of events, billionaire, philanthropist, and playboy Bruce Wayne is possibly facing child abuse charges due to a recent event at a Gotham Art Gala. According to sources, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, Jason Todd, was playing a game with Bruce that involves the instigating player getting another player to look at the instigator's fingers when put in the certain pose that resembles the “ok” hand gesture and placed below the waist. Apparently, if the instigating player gets someone to look at their hand when in that position, they get to freely punch the other player's arm one time, which acts as a penalty to the “looker” and a winning trophy for the “instigator.”

Shown here is the “instigating” hand gesture (above) and proper hand placement (below)

This may seem like a harmless game, but it seems that some will take it too far. One of those people seem to be the son of Gotham, Bruce Wayne. According to his Butler, Alfred Pennyworth, “Bruce was getting ‘trolled’ by Jason all week long. Master Wayne kept telling Jason he was going to get him good, and by God it seems as though he really did.” At the Gala, during the final dance of the night, Bruce flashed the instigating hand gesture in the direct eye line of Jason Todd, who then saw the gesture and lost the round. This, in and of itself, isn’t what has put the billionaire in hot water, rather, it is how he (Wayne, 31) endowed his punishment onto Todd, 12. According to one woman, Jennifer Neeve, who attended the Gala and witnessed the event, said, “Once Bruce landed the blow to Jason’s arm, he [Jason] fell to the ground like a Giraffe that just got kneecapped with a baseball bat. It was awful, just awful.”

Todd was immediately rushed to Gotham General Hospital who received an x-ray for his arm, which revealed that Bruce had, in fact, broken the child’s arm directly in half. Surgery was required to repair Todd’s arm in the form of two titanium plates, and six screws. The surgeon who oversaw the procedure, Dr. Justin Halger, was shocked and saddened by the event. “Here, you have a kid who had nothing, was taken in by a seemingly nice man, and then beaten to the point of hospitalization. The truly unfortunate thing is, since Jason hasn’t finished going through puberty and hasn’t matured physically, his arm will never fully grow and develop normally due to the need of the plate and screws for a semi long-term period of time. I’ve never seen anything like it. Shame on you, Wayne.”

Bruce Wayne has declined to comment on the situation and has not been seen outside of his mansion in about a week. In other news, crime has risen in the past week, which more than likely is a reaction of public outcry against the child abuse displayed by one of Gotham’s wealthiest, and for no other reason whatsoever.

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