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Doomsday Clock #3 Review

Spoiler Free

The cliffhanger from the last issue is immediately addressed, with a pretty big change to the lore. This leads to a confrontation that is quite satisfying and ‘poetic’. The most anticipated meeting thus far in the series takes place and takes an interesting turn. A pair of characters show why they are menacing and go in search of a character whose turf they invade.

Spoiler Filled

To go forward, sometimes you have to go back. That’s how this issue starts. The initial moments of Watchmen are rewritten, specifically the fate of The Comedian. As he plunges towards the sidewalk, his vision goes black and then comes back with him over a body of water. He splashes into the water and then swims toward the surface. He sees a city and swims toward it and collapses on the beach. He hears a familiar voice greet him that he recognizes as Dr. Manhattan. Back in Lex’s office, The Comedian attempts to throw Ozymandias out of the window, but it doesn’t break. Veidt finds a way to turn the lights off to fight the Comedian but isn’t successful. The aforementioned window was damaged by gunfire, and when cornered, Veidt jumps out of it with incredible grace. In the Batcave, Batman continues to talk to Rorschach, who gives him Kovacs’ journal. Meanwhile, the Mime and Marionette are headed to Gotham in search of a drink. Back in the Batcave, Rorschach watches Batman read Kovacs’ journal and gets irritated when Batman has only gotten to page 4. Batman allows him to go get rest and clean up. There’s a scene in a retirement home. They have a TV on that shows us the turmoil going on in Gotham, specifically related to Batman and the Supermen Theory. The residents argue about watching that or The Adjournment. There is a man, Mr. Thunder who is seemingly forgotten by his granddaughter for dinner. Alfred takes Rorschach to a room in the mansion where he cleans up and seemingly bleeds from the head in the shower. The residents continue to argue as the news talks about Germans in the superhero arms race. The Mime and Marionette find a bar coincidentally in the Joker’s turf. The gang attempts to rough them up for wearing makeup. One of them threatens to harm Marionette when Mime pulls out an “imaginary” gun. As she is threatened further, he pulls the trigger killing her assailant. He’s rushed and he make short work of those attacking him using guns and knives. Marionette jumps in with her wire and kills a few more. They get their drink and then go in search of the Joker. Rorschach is dreaming and we learn that he’s at ground zero for Ozymandias’ monster. When he wakes up, Bruce is at his bedside and says he’s slept for 24 hours and that he knows where Dr. Manhattan is. They break in to Arkham, where Batman says he’s found temporal anomalies. Batman leads them to the cell where he found Dr. Manhattan. Rorschach goes in to see Jon and when he does, Batman closes the door behind him and says he belongs in there. Rorschach threatens, pleads, and screams for Batman to let him out as Batman walks away.

Reflections, Impressions, and Predictions

  • Batman’s new costume. I’m not thrilled with it after his current one

  • Watchmen’s initial crime is rewritten so now Comedian survives and is whisked away, so how does that change Watchmen?

  • Batman, you dick.

  • What’s the significance of the guy in the retirement home?

  • Awesome fight between Veidt and Blake.

  • Great miniscule cameo of Dr. Manhattan

  • What is Jon up to with everything he’s been doing? Why has he made such sweeping changes to the DCU?

  • I’m excited to see the Mime and Marionette meet the Joker.

  • Sadly, there is now a delay for the rest of the series, moving to every other month. Unfortunately, this adversely affects the timing of the story in the rest of the universe.

Final Breakdown

Story – Excellent story-telling, deeper mystery, great twists and turns. 9/10

Art – The art has not, and I suspect will not disappoint, especially with the delay. 9/10

Continuity/Character Consistency –So curious about what has gone wrong in the months to turn everyone. Loving the mystery. 9/10

Twist Factor – Comedian’s Justice and Batman’s turn. 10/10

Final Score – 9/10

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