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Avengers #678 (No Surrender) Review

Spoiler Free

The violent game rages on. An Avenger’s life hangs in the balance as the Lethal Legion and the Black Order play out their game in search of the Pyramoid to score a point. While one team engages in battle, another waits to enter the fray until the time is right. While magic is being undone, a sacrifice is made on the battlefield. An Avenger goes from one site to another to prevent a similar sacrifice, but he may be too late.

Spoiler Filled

We get this story narrated by the Human Torch, who looks to jump into battle as the Lethal Legion and the Black Order face off in Peru. Rogue’s team in Rome, comes across Quicksilver who is in bad shape following the end of last issue. They engage in battle and Thor’s hammer becomes an item that Metal Master focuses on, sending it speeding toward the team. Cannonball uses his near invulnerability to keep the team from getting hurt, but instead gets hurt himself. As the Blood Brothers attempt to finish Pietro, they are attacked by Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf, and Rogue learns that this is all part of a game. The two players are watching the game in the Grandmaster’s game room. Falcon sends Voyager back to Rome to see if they need help as they watch the Lethal Legion and Black Order do battle. Voyager arrives in time to take Pietro and Cannonball back to base. Wanda sees what has happened as Vision is freed and Pietro is imprisoned and then stops the spell reversing their plights. Back in Rome, the battle continues and Black Dwarf makes a play for the Pyramoid and gets disintegrated, sacrificing himself. The Black Order leaves having earned a point, and Lightning goes to the other Avengers team to keep them from making that mistake as well. In Peru, the Avengers team gets drawn into battle so no one gets killed. Torch figures if they want the Pyramoid, they shouldn’t have it. He flies up and Proxima throws her spear that doesn’t miss. Red Hulk realizes the same thing that Torch does and goes after the Pyramoid. Lightning is close and tries to get the team to stay away from it, but the Torch grabs it first.

Reflections, Impressions, and Predictions

  • This thing has cliffhanger after cliffhanger, making it feel worthy of an Avengers epic.

  • I hope we learn the Challenger’s identity soon, like in the next issue

  • Man, I hope we don’t lose the Human Torch like that.

  • I was hoping Voyager would be more integral to the story than she has been. Hopefully that changes.

  • I love seeing the Black Order get utilized. Hopefully this Lethal Legion gets a higher profile after this event is over, if they survive.

  • I like how this event uses different narrators

Final Breakdown

Story – This story gets bigger as time goes on and feels more epic with each passing issue. 8/10

Art – This book continues to look good and the action set pieces continue to impress. 7/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – Torch really impresses in this book and is very true to how he’s written in Marvel 2-in-1. 8/10

Twist Factor – Avengers Observe! 8/10

Final Score – 8/10

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