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Flash Graffitis Himself All Over Central City

Graffiti images of the Flash have begun to pop up throughout Central City. The images seemingly appeared overnight which begged the question as to who the culprit of this vandalism was and their motive.

Below is an image of the graffitti taken and submitted by a Central City citizen.

In a shocking turn of events the culprit appears to have been the Scarlet Speedster himself. Amy Stevens, local bakery owner, said that she witnessed the Flash himself performing this self portraiture.

“I was walking into my shop when suddenly this red blur raced by me,” Stevens recounts. “Nothing that unusual, it’s just the Flash doing his thing. But the wall that I’m walking by had this poorly graffitied picture of the Flash on it, the same wall that I am 100% sure didn’t have anything on it moments before.”

“It’s been an issue that we’ve dealing with for a few days now,” Police Chief Edward Mann stated. “We just don’t understand why the Flash would do something like this. Especially when he doesn’t have the art talent to pull it off.”

Luckily we were able to catch up with the Flash and ask him what his motives were for these acts.

“I got bored,” he began. “I was hanging out with Green Lantern and we didn’t know what to do. So he dared me to tag myself around the city one night and I did. Then he bet me the next night that I couldn’t beat my number from the previous night. And then it kind of just got out of hand.”

When asked what his thoughts were about the criticism regarding the quality of the images, an insulted grimace appeared on his face before speeding off without another word.

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