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Martian Manhunter's Request to be Known as Martian Meatbeater is Rejected

According to an inside source at Justice League HQ, the hero known as Martian Manhunter has had yet another rejected request for a name change. Manhunter, being one of the League’s earliest and most prominent members, has always had a tough road in getting the public behind him. Not only does he look intimidating, green, and fundamentally different than any human, but his name is very suggestive towards possibly ripping a person in two.

According to reports, this isn’t the only time the Martian has tried to lighten his P.R. image. Back in 2007, M.M. pushed for his name to be Martian Manseeker, but was told this would give him an image he wasn’t particularly looking for, and was noted in the official J.L. report, “But there’s nothing wrong with that if it were.” Jumping forward to present day, 2018, M.M. has presented the League with the name Martian Meatbeater, saying: “Hunting is cannibalistic and does not reflect who I am. I have never wanted to, or had the desire to hunt a human. However, I have beaten them and the meat that hangs from their bones. I am a meat-beater.”

Despite the majority of the League rejecting the request for the name change, it is on record that some ranking members are FOR the name change. These members include: Booster Gold, The Flash, Captain Marvel “Shazam,” and Cyborg. But for now, it seems the name Martian Manhunter will remain. Be sure to check back with the TC for more updates on M.M.’s name change quandaries.

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