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Dark Nights: Metal #6

Spoiler Free

Metal wraps up, setting up the future of the DCU. Barbatos and the Batman Who Laughs execute their final plan, and the heroes execute their final stand. Characters return, setting up new titles. A Calvary rides in to help balance the scales. The most iconic heroes take center stage driving the story forward. A showdown happens and the most unlikely of team ups spins out of that. A team does all they can to save the world. Then they party.

Spoiler Filled Play by Play

Beginning with the Batman Who Laughs (BWL) talking to an unseen figure about how Hawkman’s journal had been key to the beginning of these events, as well as telling the story of Barbatos.

The story jumps to Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl fighting against the forces of Barbatos, determined to reach their other friends in the league that the Dark Knights had taken. Kendra encourages Diana to send the call out to their friends using her bracelets (eighth metal) and Hawkman’s mace (ninth metal). This wakes the League who goes right into battle, including Deathstroke and a briefly awakened Plastic Man, who tells Diana that she needs to go further into the Dark. Kendra holds the end of Diana’s lasso, as she dives into the Dark, where she encounters Hawkman. Kendra reminds Carter who he is as the Calvary arrives from the 53rd Earth with several Batmen in tow. As Kendra continues to break through to Hawkman, Diana dives into the Forge, which has lit.

As Barbatos dares the heroes to hope and try to win, the Trinity emerges from the Forge with armor made of tenth metal. They attempt to devise a plan to raise the Earth back out of the Dark Multiverse and out of Barbatos’ grip, but he crashes the ship with Cyborg and Flash piloting it. Barbatos then sends his armies after Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as they seek more allies. Going after Aquaman and Green Lantern, Batman punches and rides a Joker dragon and imbues his friends with tenth metal armor.

The heroes work to rally each other and rescue those who are trapped and Barbatos prepares to unleash his scream which will sink the Earth forever. As he is unleashing it, Hawkman steps in and battles Barbatos, who tells BWL to enact his final plan.

It’s revealed that BWL has been holding the Over-Monitor in preparation to destroy everything. Batman intervenes set to do battle with BWL. They trade blows ending with BWL shooting Batman in the midsection with the gun that killed his parents. As he seems to be down for the count, he says to just fire the gun, as he’s talking to his hidden help… The Joker! The two enemies team up to take down BWL, who rushes to end everything and sink the world into darkness by mixing energies with the hostage Over-Monitor.

Back on the surface, the Dark Knights have been taken down, and Barbatos has beaten Hawkman. As he’s about to deal the death blow to Hawkman, Hawkgirl gets a tenth metal bracelet from Wonder Woman and flies through Barbatos.

Batman is escaping BWL’s Batcave with the Over-Monitor as he continues to do battle with the Joker. The Over-Monitor explains that the heroes covered in tenth metal can focus and raise the Earth. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman join and focus to raise the earth.

In the epilogue, the Justice League unites for a party at Batman’s mansion. He explains that the damaged caused by Barbatos and his Batmen has been reversed and that the Over-Monitor has chained Barbatos in the bottom of the Dark Multiverse. This whole thing has caused several changes throughout the universe, including Dream. Carter Hall has started taking notes hinting at the future. Bruce says that the New Gods have confirmed that the Source Wall (the boundary of the known multiverse) has broken open. He lies out hints of a plan to expand the League, but ushers the team into another room ready to party. Bruce takes Diana and Clark away from the party, to show them the beginnings of his new plan.

Reflections, Impressions, and Predictions

  • What a ride, top to bottom.

  • I loved how this story started about Batman and changed into a full blown Justice League epic.

  • There were some awesome character moments all around.

  • Plastic Man had a big heroic moment early on.

  • The tenth metal armors that the Justice League got to wear looked super badass.

  • I know they endured a lot, but Barbatos seemed quite easily defeated in the end.

  • What happened to Joker and BWL? They were left in the middle of a fight.

  • I wish Dream had been used more in the story, especially with the hype.

  • Nice set up for all the new books DC launched, sadly before this series eneded.

  • Awesome foreshadowing for stories later in the year: GL and Darkstars, Wonder Woman and Dark Pantheon, Aquaman and a risen Atlantis, Flash War, and No Justice (which gets a Peter Griffin they said it name drop).

  • Ain’t no party like a Batman party, cause a Batman party don’t stop, especially with Alfred on drums.

  • It looks like the League will be centered around Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, and Cyborg.

  • Swamp Thing in a bow tie may be one of my favorite visuals of all time

  • Batman’s updates to how they operate will be exciting.

Final Breakdown

Story – Exceptional ending to an epic storyline, with a few unanswered questions. I hope we get something this big and fun again. 9/10

Art – The art was perfect for every ounce of this story. Masterful illustration. 10/10

Continuity/Character Consistency – This story drove to the core of the hope and need for justice that drives these characters and is a full love letter to the Justice League. 9/10

Twist Factor – So many, almost too many, to choose from but the Batman team up against BWL takes the cake because it was so unexpected. 10/10

Final Score – 9.5/10

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