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Venom Trailer

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WE finally have it, the first trailer for the Venom movie. Since the awful incarnation of Venom in the Raimi series, fans have waited for a new, true-to-character iteration (while continually and mercilessly bashing the old) and it seems like we just may have it. The teaser that was released a few months ago did not feature any signs of the symbiote on Hardy (Eddie Brock), which disappointed many, but excited many more for the possibilities. Now, we have an official Sony trailer (not teaser) that shows the symbiote and the potential damage it may do in its first outing with Brock. Right off the bat, the music sets the tone for a suspense driven experience; almost a calm before the storm. Throughout the trailer we get little bits and pieces of symbiote footage which looked pretty impressive, but no Venom transformation till the very end. Looking at Venom's head, I can't help but to think back to the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man. The head seems to be the same shape, and the eyes are just slightly bigger and filled with white; even the smile is very similar, just with bigger teeth. Does it look cool? I mean, if you're asking if it's looking better than the Topher grace "version," then yes, it is looking much better than that. But as of right now, the face is not hitting my expectations. Here's what I want:

1. Bigger White eyes

2. Continually moving tendrils

And look, I know this is the first time we're seeing the character, from one angle, for 2 seconds, but I just hope they do the rest of the design justice and don't make him out to look like a symbiote lizard design. Having said that, I am very hopeful that they will do the character design right, and in the end you can't please everyone.

On another note, I believe they absolutely nailed the voice. It's deep, cuts through your speakers, and packs a real punch. As a fan of Spider-Man the animated series, I believed that Venom voice to be canon, but this one may take the cake. It seems to be a great contrast to the slightly higher voice of Tom Hardy's character, Brock, and is both frightening and accommodating, as if it wants to lure you in but warning you to be cautious.

In general, I'm curious to see how the symbiotes come to Earth. It is apparent that the Life Foundation is involved, but whether or not they sent their own people into space or if U.S. astronauts retrieved these specimens while on another mission is something that we'll have to find out. Also, I wonder if Peter Parker will make his first appearance as a photographer for the Daily Bugle in this movie. It could be an absolute possibility being that the character (Parker) will be around 20 years old, the crashed ship in the trailer may have Col. Jameson on it, and if so, Peter's boss, Col.'s father, may have sent him there to take pictures of the event. There are a lot of possibilities to introduce Spider-Man in this film, but I am predicting that we will only get Peter Parker. However, this leads me to believe the MCU may introduce Venom into the universe if Sony introduces Parker.

All in all, I am very excited for this movie and cannot wait to see a full body Venom and a true to character one at that. It's been a long time coming, and I think we just may get what we are all asking for.

What are your thoughts? Leave comments!

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