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Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler-Free Impressions

We saw Avengers: Infinity War and wanted to share some spoiler free impressions with you. We’re only looking at a few basic items and we will absolutely circle back to these items when we do a full review later.

  1. Story – The story is crafted in a way that it’s natural to get a lot of moving parts that all drive right toward the final act. You get more time with some characters than others, but it serves the story perfectly. However, all the characters stay true to the vision that the individual directors had built through previous movies. The story mirrors a key comic book story, but like all Marvel films, diverges just enough to keep it interesting. It feels like the first Avengers at times when you get to see some of your favorite characters together for the first time, knowing that they haven’t met previously. And boy, did they add some twists and turns.

  2. Visuals – This movie held multiple locations and they all had different feels. In addition, the CGI was incredible to look at, even though there was a moment or two where the uncanny valley was in full effect because some characters were purely digital creations. The combination of powers was greatly varied as well, which added to the visual smorgasbord that we got.

  3. Action – What a thrilling ride. This movie was jam packed with action, and every bit of it made sense. It was well choreographed, excellently shot, and creatively executed. It’s hard to discuss it without giving up any kind of spoilers, so I won’t.

We will get a full-on spoiler filled review up early in the week after everyone has had a chance to see it. But seriously, go watch the movie.

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