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The Twisted Cape Breaks Down What They Want From Infinity War


I feel strange about what I want out of Infinity War. I tried to think of specific items, but I had real difficulty because I kept coming back to 3 big concepts, so that’s what I’m going with here. For me it’s all about Legacy, Faithful Representation, and Humor.

First, I want something that builds and enhances the Legacy that the MCU has built. It has a potential to unite every franchise it’s built over the last ten years. We have seen heroes we never thought for a second that we’d see on the big screen and they have flourished. Additionally, we just have the feeling that we’re absolutely losing some prominent characters in this movie, so their Legacy should be felt when the universe finishes grieving and moves forward. If we happen to lose a member of the Big 3, then we should get someone who is capable of inheriting their mantle and carrying their Legacy into the future of the universe and for fans of the series. There has also been a strong run of villains lately and that’s a Legacy I desperately need to see continue.

Next, my desire is to see a faithful representation of the comic book story being adapted. It seems as if they are adapting the Infinity Gauntlet story, due to Thanos’ motivation and desire to wipe out half of life in the universe. Members of the Guardians (in their early forms) play a huge role in that story, so it would be great to see that in this movie as well. Keep in mind that Thanos succeeds in that book of wiping out half the universe, so we have to be prepared for trauma. Also, no Silver Surfer or Adam Warlock hurts the possibility of pulling this off, but we Dr. Strange is around, so he can carry a lot of the weight here as well. There could be pieces of the Infinity War book here as well, but that’s difficult to pull off again without Adam Warlock or Magus.

Finally, I know this is a serious movie. I know that the tone has been ominous thus far in all of the marketing and advertisements, but my final want is that this story focus on big concepts without losing the humor and levity. This is a defining characteristic of both Marvel comics and movies. Without it, we will have a product that Warner has created for the DC Cinematic Universe and that’s not a good look, as we’ve all seen. I don’t want joke after joke, but there are many characters who use humor to break up tense situations. This movie feels like it will be chock full of tense moments and I want to feel the weight of those moments, but the humor helps the movie not be consumed by all of it.



It’s been a long road to get to this point, and it’s been an amazing ride. There have been so many great moments that as a kid I would never have dreamed of seeing in live action, but here we are 18 movies later. Over the years, there have been amazing character developments and dynamic shifts between them, and it is those that I am most hoping to see in Infinity War.

Most notably, the dynamics between characters that have never interacted before, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy with Tony or Thor. Hopefully we get them interacting with more characters than that, but I can only speculate those two from the trailers. With an intergalactic villain, the Guardians will surely play a huge role due to them being our segway into space besides Thor, who we already know is going to come in contact the rag tag group we all know and love.

I’m very interested to see how Dr. Strange will interact with Tony due to them having some massive egos between the two. Surely there will be some butting heads there. But most of all, I want to see the dynamic shift between Tony and Peter Parker. Since Peter has been Spider-Man for a few years now and has much more experience, I’m wondering if Tony will loosen the reins on Peter, and more importantly, if we’re going to see Spider-Man become an Avenger (officially).

One last thing in general that I’m hoping for is some great action sequences. There is a lot of opportunity for unique fights like we’ve never seen due to the massive number of abilities that range from character to character. I am hoping for an all out war in this movie and not necessarily a lot of dialogue (which I usually want a good mix of the two). We’ve been with these characters for years and all of the talking has been done. Now, I just want to see everyone in action with no holds barred.



What do I want to see come out of Infinity War? One thing that I’m looking forward to is Tony meeting and interacting with Doctor Strange. Here you have this man of science who’s devoted his entire life to data, logic, and a precise way of thinking, and then his world will be turned inside out (probably literally, knowing Strange’s capabilities) after meeting a literal sorcerer. Being a scientist myself I know that encountering that would absolutely fuck up my world perception and every aspect of my life, knowing that everything I thought was true could be willed away by a simple movement of one’s hands. Mix that mind-fuckery with Stark’s natural attitude and I can’t wait to see what hilarity ensues.

Maybe not at the top of list, but I’m looking forward to Nebula getting closure with Thanos. Since we’ve met her in Guardians of the Galaxy, her desire for revenge against her father has been her only motivating factor and her entire reason for existence. After this whole ordeal is finished, and assuming she survives it which I’m honestly not that hopeful about, I’ll be curious to see what she does next. Will she finally reconcile with Gamora? Will she find a new enemy to obsessively seek out (and would that possibly be Gamora should they not reconcile?)? Granted Nebula hasn’t been the most engaging character in the MCU, but I feel that that’s because she’s only been spouting on about her hatred for Thanos and Gamora the entire time. With this all behind her it’ll finally give her a chance to discover a new identity for herself which could finally be her time to shine.

And, of course, I can’t wait to see the action. Bringing all of these characters from the last 10 years together I absolutely cannot wait to see the epic battles that will ensue. With the sheer amount of people that are involved in this, you can bet that the battles will be so intense, so hectic, and just utterly over the top insane that it’ll take multiple viewings just to catch every little detail that’s going on. The Russos have already proven to us that they can do fight scenes, see Cap and Bucky in Winter Soldier or the airport fight from Civil War, so I absolutely cannot wait to see what they’ve pulled out for Infinity War.

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