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This Week In DCTV 2/1/2020

Welcome to This Week in DCTV, where the Twisted Cape examines, breaks down, and gives a quick review of all the original shows that DC has released this week. This will run weekly and start on Sunday and end on Saturday, so we catch everything on the CW, Fox, and the DC Universe streaming service. We’ll also include an average on the week to help determine whether the week was a success. Keep in mind there will be spoilers on a regular basis so read on at your own risk. NOTE: We will not be covering Epix’s Pennyworth at this time.

Weekly Score (4 Out of 5) – Welcome to February! Solid week from DCTV, where we saw returns, an ending, and developments abound. Twist of the Week goes to Arrow for ending well with an absolute love letter to the series.

The CW

Batwoman – 3.5/5 – “An Un-Birthday Present”

On the Kane sisters’ birthday, Kate and Alice contend with demons from the past and an unexpected guest makes a surprise appearance in Gotham. SPOILERS – I didn’t realize how much this show really needed Beth. She adds a special, irreplaceable bond to the show much like Supergirl’s Alex and Kara. That sisterly bond cannot be taken for granted, which is why I think I get so frustrated with how they treat Alice. They keep underestimating her and think everything will be easy, but they are consistently wrong and haven’t learned yet. That said, this was a good episode because we got to see how life would be different with Beth around instead of Alice. I really felt Ruby Rose’s performance when she heard that on Beth’s Earth (oh yeah, she’s from a different Earth), Kate went back in the car and saved Beth. One of the most interesting things this week is that there was very little Batwoman, which I’m ok with at times. It allows a show to lean into the ability of the lead and truly tell a story.

Supergirl - 4/5 – “Back From the Future, Part 1”

As Supergirl tries to thwart a Toyman copycat, Winn Schott returns from the future. SPOILERS – Just like Batwoman needed Beth, I forgot how much Winn changes the dynamics on this show. More than that, the story actually feels worthwhile to tell and seems important to the overall plot. This was a strong episode for Supergirl, which helps the show feel like it’s turning a corner. Brainy struggling with his decision to help Lex is great and confiding in Winn, who almost immediately forgives him is great. Lex and Lena are looking to take on Leviathan, and it seems to be building toward another Lex/Supergirl/Lena team up, which is intriguing. Giving Kara a new potential love interest is fun, especially coming on the Kara side of her life, not the Supergirl side. J’onn was crucial this episode by adding the Tower in addition to the Hall of Justice and a way to call the other heroes should they need help. At times, it feels like Supergirl has been given some Legends influence, because the big fight scene this week was set to “Eye Of The Tiger,” while they fought robot tigers. If this trend continues, I might just enjoy it, as out of character it is for the show. Finally, Jeremy Jordan playing 2 different versions of Winn is kind of fun. We’re used to the heroic, family man version who is sweet and caring, but having him play an overtly evil, hammy villain is fun as well. Thankfully, it’s a 2 parter, so we’ll see some more of that next week.

Arrow – 4.5/5 – “Fadeout”

With a return from Felicity, the story of the Green Arrow gets wrapped up. SPOILERS – My admission here is that I wasn’t ready. While it’s not always popular to say, I’ve loved this show since day one. I’ve cared about it’s characters, I’ve felt every death, I’ve celebrated every victory. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. This episode didn’t make it easier. Since Ollie restarted the universe, he made some serious changes to Star City. Moira, Quentin, and Tommy are alive, crime has all but disappeared, and Star City seemingly has no more need for heroes. Diggle sits at the center of this episode, being the longest tenured cast member, and it’s the right call. That doesn’t mean the episode is devoid of Ollie, despite the fact that he’s dead. In fact, we get to see plenty of Ollie, via “flashbacks,” except these show how things are different. They show how Moira’s still alive as well as how Diggle begins to influence Ollie. Speaking of which, it wouldn’t be Arrow without a fight scene, and they tapped the series’ best director, James Bamford, to direct this final episode and I’m thankful. There’s a fight scene where Ollie just takes on a Costco size box of henchmen and it’s glorious. Lots of arrows, lots of brutality. Just perfect. But Ollie hears Diggle’s message in his head he doesn’t kill the guy he’s hunting. This comes back as this guy captures present day William giving the team another reason to suit up one last time. While out, Roy (with his new prosthetic arm) proposes to Thea, who eventually accepts, which is a nice ending to that thread. Every character ending is satisfying: Dinah and Laurel gain renewed purpose, Mia gets to say goodbye to her father and spend meaningful adult moments with her mother, Renee begins his political career, and Diggle gets a damn Green Lantern ring! I hope that last one really pans out later in another show like Supergirl or even the upcoming Green Lantern HBO Max show. Finally, we see where Felicity goes with the Monitor in 2040 after helping the kids. I love the sweet ending they got. It just felt right. Thanks for everything, Oliver Queen. You have saved this city.

Black Lightning - 4/5 – “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn’s Addiction”

Jefferson, Anissa, and Jennifer discover that the ASA is now hunting the entire Pierce family. SPOILERS – I admit, this show has stepped up as well recently. It feels like they’ve increased the purpose of what each character does, and this cast is getting large. Having the Pierce family take down Odell and capture Khalil all in one episode was big, especially for Jen. The Pierce family is now in all out war with the ASA and they seem to be successful in this episode. However, I feel like the success will be short lived with Odell being rescued and off to Gotham and the Markovians moving in. They’ve already captured Tobias and Lynn, and I feel like at least one of them may not make it out of that situation alive. Introducing Lala back into the equation is an interesting side story and I’m curious to see where that ends up going and what it adds to the overall season’s story.

DC Universe

Harley Quinn – 4/5 – “Bensonhurst”

After a falling out with her crew, Harley heads back home to Bensonhurst, where her doting mother waits for her... and her deadbeat dad, who’s more dangerous than anticipated. SPOILERS – Harley goes home and a lot of her problems, specifically those with Joker, all suddenly make a ton of sense. As the episode develops, you understand just how Harley mimics her parents in fulfilling an archetype in her relationships. It makes you really feel for her, continuing last week’s trend of this show being a tragedy lately more than a comedy. But again, it’s not without comedy. Bane is fantastic in this episode again, providing a ton of great laughs. The ‘B’ story with Ivy needing to be rescued is also fun, but mainly because of Frank’s side story. Good episode, and sets up the final stretch of the season very well.

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