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Batwoman Is the Perfect Successor to Arrow

As we all know, Arrow has completed its run this year with a shortened 10-episode season, coinciding with the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover/adaptation on The CW. Also, this fall, The CW will debuted a show that spun out of last year’s crossover: that’s right… BOOSTER GOLD! Just kidding – it’s actually Batwoman. We’ve seen actress Ruby Rose as both Kate Kane and Batwoman, who is hanging out in Gotham filling the void from the disappearance of Batman. I think that Batwoman will be the show to carry the torch from Arrow and into a bold new future. Here are a few reasons why:

Fight Scenes

Let’s face it, when Arrow is at it’s best, those fight scenes are amazing and almost unparalleled on broadcast television. Due to the nature of the character, this can continue and possibly exceed Arrow’s achievements. Kate Kane has a military background and excels at hand to hand combat. The excellence in hand to hand combat is something we’re used to. What will distinguish Batwoman from Arrow will be the use of gadgetry and her resourcefulness. Additionally, she’s no stranger to using guns, which may be a more practical weapon in the field.

Expands the World

A show centered on a member of the Bat-family will open a whole new pool of characters to the DCCW universe. Keep in mind that many of these characters are just regular humans – no powers, no extensive CGI. You could easily introduce a plethora of characters that aren’t already on TV or movies. We know Titans has Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Jason Todd/Robin, but there are alternatives to these characters. You could use an older Jason Todd as the Red Hood, you could use Tim Drake’s Robin/Red Robin. You could use Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, or even Duke Thomas/The Signal. We know that Batman is off limits, but why not bring in Alfred for an episode or two? And being that it’s Gotham, you could get Detective Bullock or even Commissioner Gordon. Of course, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle is an option and it’s already been alluded to that she exists in this world. Finally, it wouldn’t feel like Batwoman to me without there being some reference to Renee Montoya, who figures into Batwoman lore squarely. The cast for this could be comprehensive.

She’s an Interesting Character

Kate has several things that make her interesting. Obviously, the biggest, most socially impactful fact about her character is that she is a lesbian. It would be the first CW show with an LGBTQ character as a lead and that importance cannot be understated. While other characters exist in the DCCW universe, none of them really lead the show (Yes, one could argue Sara Lance, but she was not always a lead character on Legends). Let’s also keep in mind that she’s Bruce Wayne’s cousin on his mother’s side. She’s one of the few concrete reminders of his parents and the family they left behind. Her military ties could prove interesting as she could struggle with her costumed life versus her sense of duty. Also, she’s a badass in and out of costume, but she also has a vulnerability and complexity that would be refreshing to watch.

Established Relationships In Universe

Because of the Elseworlds crossover, Batwoman will have a pseudo-established relationship with the other heroes of Earth-1. Without Ollie around to be the gruff, broody character, Kate could easily step into that role. After all, can you wear the bat without some healthy amount of brooding? Additionally, now that Crisis found a way to converge the Earths, it would be great to have a Super/Bat crossover between Supergirl and Batwoman. They’re relationship can be a cool mirror image of Superman/Batman, except instead of being built on mistrust, they’ve already established a mutual respect between the titular heroines.

Age of the Character

No, not the actress – the character. While a version of Kate Kane (originally Kathy) has been around since the 1950’s, she was never truly important to the DC Universe until 52 from 2006, which was just before Final Crisis. Since then she’s been in and out of the spotlight, frequently with, as well as against, her cousin Bruce. This has been a constant from New 52 all the way through Rebirth. Because the character doesn’t have a ton of source material, it allows you to tell bold, new stories that may expand stories or plot threads that have been dangled.

Overall, Batwoman presents the DCCW universe with an interesting challenge and an immense opportunity to do something special. This show will not only replace Arrow, but if they play their cards right, it will send this universe to new heights which will build on its diverse, inclusive foundation and shatter what we expect from a TV superhero universe.

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