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DCEU Retrospective: Birds of Prey

The final entry in the DCEU (so far), Birds of Prey came out earlier this year and is an overall interesting experience. The movie is definitely one of the most unique entries in the DC movie universe so far and attempts to do a lot of new things. While some of these aspects worked surprisingly well, there were others that just didn’t.

The writing in this movie is great for some characters but falls miserably flat for others. Margot Robbie continues to do an excellent job with Quinn. Some people may not be a fan of how Huntress was portrayed in this movie but I personally found the character fun and (to an extent) relatable. While I’m not crazy about the way that Sionis was written in this movie, Ewan McGregor does an excellent job in the role and makes Roman a creepy and uncomfortable person. Zsasz is one of these characters that the writing just doesn’t do well. This was the second time I saw this movie this year and I had completely forgotten that he was even in this movie because he’s written in such a forgettable manner.

By far the best aspect of this movie is the cinematography, specifically the fight choreography. Every single fight scene in this movie was super fun to watch as they combine intense gymnastic feats with bright colors and visuals.

The plot in this movie is honestly pretty bland. The acting and aforementioned fight scenes make up for the lackluster plot, but if you’re looking for an engaging and meaningful story you’ll most likely be left sorely disappointed.

Overall this movie is fun. It’s certainly one of my more favorites in the DCEU but it does have it’s issues. If you’re willing to accept a less than stellar plot with some questionably written characters you’ll be rewarded with some of the best fight choreography and visuals in the DCEU to date. We’ll see if they ever use the Birds of Prey in future movies again, but if they do I hope that they put a little more effort into their writing.


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