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DCEU Retrospective: Wonder Woman

Alright now that I’ve calmed down after writing the Suicide Squad write-up, let’s delve into one of the best DCEU movies to date. The character that was literally carrying the entire franchise on her back, it’s time for Wonder Woman.

This movie is wonderful. The plot sees Diana leaving Themyscira with Steve Trevor in search of the Greek God of War Ares while marching through war-torn Europe during World War I. The movie was actually written very well and the characters were likable and weren’t two-dimensional like characters in some of the other DCEU movies.

The cinematography in this movie was also excellent. In particular, the fight across No Man’s Land and the ensuing fight to free the town of Vald from the Germans was a highlight of the entire movie. The scenes were choreographed and shot so well and overall the visuals were pretty good throughout the movie. There were still a few shots here and there that the CGI could have been a bit better, but on the whole this had been some of the best CGI we’d seen in the DCEU to date.

Speaking of fight choreography, I want to give a special mention to the Amazonians, especially when they’re fighting off the Germans on the beach. This entire scene was done so fluidly and was such a treat to watch. Having re-watched the entire MCU recently, I don’t think I recall too many moments where a fight choreography blew me away. Sure there were a few, but the Amazonians consistently impress me with every scene that they’re in.

I’m curious to see how they manage to bring Steve Trevor back in Wonder Woman 1984 and why he hasn’t aged a day since WWI. Sadly because of the current world climate it may still be some time before we see that movie. But given how well the first movie was done, I know that the wait will be well worth it.


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