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Disney's New Bob Not Worried.New Mutants Release Still On.

In a shocking turn of events, Disney has once again changed the plans for the release of the movie The New Mutants. If you missed the previous plan, read here. As opposed to postponing or outright cancelling it, they have decided that no one is going to want to see this movie, and that there is no risk of the #coronavirus being spread at the showings.

Call Disney's new Bob what you want, but I'm going to be referring to him as Disney's New Bob. And boy is he blunt. After cowering to the global pandemic and postponing a theatrical release for TNM [his first time, and Disney's second time], he quickly turned around to say, "You know what, fuck it." This is something I can get behind. Being a fearless leader means knowing who your weak links are, and Disney's New Bob just stepped up to the damn plate and pointed his bat out at theirs. Kudos.


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