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Lantern Bug Outbreak has Unlikely Source

COAST CITY – Recently, Coast City has been the victim of an infestation problem – the Spotted Lanternfly has been ‘spotted’ in multiple locations across the city and all over the region. If you are unfamiliar, the Spotted Lanternfly or Lantern Bug, originates from Asia typically and feeds on fruit trees causing billions of dollars of damage.

Despite being linked to Asia as an origin, the Twisted Cape has it on good authority that they frequently follow Green Lantern energy and often begin to destroy any fruit grown in the path of their pursuit of Green Lantern ring energy. Business mogul Lex Luthor weighed in, citing that “these Lanterns have been a menace to our planet long before this outbreak, and now it hits the hard-working people of America. We should banish them from our planet immediately!”

To date, the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps have remained suspiciously silent on the matter. Other Earthbound lanterns from the Blue and White Corps have suggested that the Greens take the bugs across space and put them on planets that have overgrown vegetation and solve 2 problems at once.

As we wait for a solution, the citizens of Coast City have organized several protests, rallies, and have started Green Lantern protest Facebook groups and Twitter accounts. If more news develops, you will see it here on The Twisted Cape.


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