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MCU Retrospective: Ant-Man

Ant-Man was the movie that nobody expected anything from. The very concept of Ant-Man is just so weird. Why Marvel decided that they would include this guy in the MCU is still a mystery. But of all of the MCU movies, this one (and its sequel) are among the most fun and lighthearted which is a welcome relief compared to the increasing doom and gloom from the rest of the MCU.

One thing that really stuck out to me was the villain. Not that he was a great villain but rather how much of a villain he was. With other MCU movies you don’t really see the full force and evilness of the villain until maybe about halfway through the movie. Not with this movie. This movie comes out swinging with Darren Cross basically shouting to the world that he’s such an evil guy. It was oddly refreshing in a way.

Luis may also be the best character in the entire MCU. You could tell that Michael Peña just had so much fun in the role and really embodied the spirit of the character.

There is one plot hole that I noticed right at the end of the movie that made me stop and say “Wait, what?” At the end of the movie, Scott mentions that in order to get inside Yellojacket’s armor he’d have to go subatomic which required him to adjust his regulator which is how Janet got lost in the quantum realm. But when he gets inside the suit he’s able to start tearing out wires and destroying circuitry. Either that line about not being able to regrow after messing with the regulator was a lie or those wires are incredibly damn small, smaller than a molecule.

Overall Ant-Man is just dumb fun. It doesn’t take itself seriously and is made all the better because of it. Paul Rudd is the perfect dork to play the role and the entire supporting cast just clicks so magnificently with him. If you want something easy and fun to watch during lockdown, this is certainly it.


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