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MCU Retrospective: Avengers: Infinity War

The beginning of the climactic end of a once-thought-crazy 10 year experiment, Avengers: Infinity War was one of the MCU’s biggest hits. Everything about this movie is phenomenal and arguably a stronger movie all-around compared to it’s follow-up Endgame (but we’ll see about that in the coming weeks).

Let’s start with the cinematography. From the get-go the increased darkness and camera-work adds to the overall tension and threat that this movie brings. Every scene is shot in just a perfect way to convey that looming feeling that something bigger and more devastating is just around the corner.

The acting in this movie is all-around very good but there’s one performance in particular that really steals the show for me. When Thor is going to Nidavellir with Rocket and Groot, he begins recounting all of the heartbreak and pain that’s been through since the beginning of the MCU. Hemsworth’s performance in this scene is phenomenal, portraying that anguish and hurt while still managing to keep a smile on his face.

For a movie that is incredibly serious and dark, it also had its fair share of humor. The best of this comes from Tony’s facial expression throughout that perfectly show just how f***ing done he is with everything and everyone. The ability to pinpoint that moment on his face throughout the movie where another little bit of his soul just dies is priceless.

I also love how it seems that about 80% of the time when Nebula enters a scene it’s usually by means of crashing her ship into something. It’s something small, but in every movie she’s in she does it and it never gets old.

That’s about all I have for this. It’s incredible. A definite must-watch if you’re doing a selective re-watch of the MCU.


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