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MCU Retrospective: Captain America: Civil War

Rounding out the Captain America trilogy we’ve got Captain America: Civil War, or as I lovingly call it, Avengers 2.5. After re-watching this movie for probably like the fourth or fifth time, first time in years though, I realized that this may very well be my favorite movie in the MCU.

For starters, the story in this movie is just amazing. Although not exactly the same as the source material, it still keeps the overall vibe of the comic and uses what materials and heroes it has at its disposal masterfully. The movie shines a light on the darker side of superheroism in the form of the never mentioned civilian casualties that occur as a result of the over-the-top heroics. It also forces the viewer to pose the question of “Are heroes really a good thing or do they incite more chaos and harm than they help?” and that is a question that really doesn’t have a clear-cut answer.

Zemo himself is an overall meh villain but he’s one of the few villains in the MCU that actually succeeds in his goals. And what’s more amazing, he does so without throwing a single punch or really even revealing himself to the heroes until the very end.

In addition, the cinematography in this movie is absolutely amazing. The Russo Brothers absolutely know what they’re doing when it comes to making movies and Civil War is proof of that. Every scene was shot perfectly without any unnecessary cuts or weird angles.

There’s nothing more to say. The movie is brilliant. It’s hard for me to say whether Winter Soldier or Civil War is the better movie, but I think I enjoyed watching Civil War more. I highly recommend re-watching this movie.


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