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MCU Retrospective: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was another defining moment for the MCU by introducing the first female led superhero movie to the Marvel franchise. It was also an incredibly hyped movie, especially as it pertained to her appearance in Endgame (more on that in the Endgame recap). That’s why after all of that, it was so disappointing when the movie came out and it garnered a mere ‘meh.’

That’s not to say that the movie was bad. The movie has some really great points to it. The visuals overall were pretty good, especially when it came to the deaging effects on Samuel L Jackson and Clark Gregg. Maria Rambeau was a great supporting character and I’m really curious to see what they do with Monica when they inevitably bring the franchise to the modern day. And the Skrull/Kree plot-twist was great because it played on the idea of propaganda and editorialization.

But the movie had its share of flaws. I think the biggest issue I had with the movie was Brie Larson herself. From the limited knowledge of Carol Danvers in the comics that I have, Carol is meant to be this strong, commanding leader. I just don’t get that vibe from Larson. She does a fine job, but I feel that she doesn’t quite 100% fit the role.

I’m sitting here struggling to even think of what else to say really. Partly because it’s been a bit since I watched it and partly because I’m actually struggling to remember a large portion of the movie. The plot of the movie is one that is somewhat easily forgettable. It’s certainly no Winter Soldier or Civil War level of good, but it also isn’t quite The Dark World levels of bad. It’s one of those stories that easily gets lost in the aether.

Definitely not the strongest entry in the MCU, and I’m not quite sure I would recommend it if you’re pressed for time in an MCU re-watch and only want to hit the best of the best, but if you don’t really have much else to do and are in the mood for a fun movie, this could fill that gap.


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