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MCU Retrospective: Spider-Man: Far From Home

The epilogue of the Infinity Saga portion of the MCU and quite a nice palette cleanser after the depression-athon that was Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home is the last in this crazy journey of mine to re-watch the MCU in its entirety.

Let’s get this out of the way: The Blip is a dumbass name. Just leaving it as ‘The Snap’ or, hell, even something like ‘The Incident’ would have been better. I understand why they went with The Blip as people literally blipped in and out of existence, but it still sounds dumb.

When they first announced that this movie would focus on Mysterio I had serious doubts. It seemed like such an odd choice of villain given Spidey’s massive catalog of interesting villains. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with it and they did a very good job with the character. Even upon rewatch and knowing the twists and turns that would be coming it was still fun to see the events and deceptions begin to unfold.

Bouncing off that, the visuals in this movie were excellent, particularly with the Mysterio scenes. After just a few moments within this projection vision, it becomes hard as the viewer even to ascertain what is real and what isn’t. This just perfectly encapsulates what the villain is capable of. A lot of people have criticized this movie for relying too heavily on CGI. I completely understand that notion and have to agree somewhat. Obviously given the villain and the story itself they couldn’t rely on practical effects solely, but in keeping with that mindset I feel that may have overcorrected and went a little too CGI happy.

This movie is just all-around a fun time. The levity of this movie was sorely needed after Endgame and the story helps to project Spider-Man even further in his superhero career. Hopefully in the next movie we can see him finally shed his high school shackles and actually become the full-fledged superhero that audiences have been waiting to see done (well) for years.


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