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Moon Knight Giveaway


1. Follow @thetwistedcape and @spagpolicypod on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Look for the daily Moon Knight post from each account

3. DM the phrase that will be in *ALL CAPS* to @thetwistedcape and @spagpolicypod

4. A random winner will be chosen daily.

5. Special giveaways may occur on,, or, so make sure you are subscribed


1. Copies of Moon Knight #1

2. The Twisted Cape and What's Your Spaghetti Policy stickers

3. Steam codes for free games

4. Graphic novels

5. Superhero Blu-Ray movies

6. Funko pop

*Only items 1-3 are guaranteed. Items 4-6 while supplies last.


One entry per person per day. Winners will be announced and notified at 8am EST the next day. Winners cannot win again.

Must be in the United States to win. Winners must provide an address if it cannot be hand delivered.


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