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"The New Mutants" Release Canceled

I'm going to go ahead and post this a few days ahead of the inevitable news, that the much anticipated [no that's not right]..... the horror movie [that may not be right either].... THE MOVIE, The New Mutants, starring people, has canceled its theatrical release due to the #Coronavirus.

This makes its third theatrical cancellation for the movie that everyone forgot about. It was then reported that the movie was slated for release on Disney+, but due to Disney not wanting TNM to be the first representation of mutants on the streaming service, they have decided to make it available on YouTube Premium [for 5 days] and it will be available on Blu-Ray at some point. Disney has made no comment yet, as this hasn't happened. But, I can guarantee they will have no response, and this movie will be viewed less than the Snyder Cut.



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