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This Week in Marvel TV

Welcome to This Week in MCUTV, where the Twisted Cape examines, breaks down, and gives a quick review of all the original shows that Marvel has released this week. This will run weekly and start on Sunday and end on Saturday, so we catch everything on Disney+, Hulu, as well as any other projects that may pop up on other networks, like ABC. We’ll also include an average on the week to help determine whether the week was a success. Keep in mind there will be spoilers on a regular basis so read on at your own risk.

Weekly Score (Out of 5) - 4.5


WandaVision – 4.5/5 – “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience”; “Don’t Touch That Dial

Wanda and Vision struggle to conceal their powers during dinner with Vision’s boss and his wife; In an effort to fit in, Wanda and Vision perform a magic act in their community talent show. SPOILERS – After watching the first 2 episodes, let’s make no mistake – this show is a superhero mystery wrapped in the disguise of an homage to classic TV series like Bewitched, I Dream of Genie, and more. On that front, it really works comedically. Elizabeth Olsen works great as the center of the show and has good comedic instincts, but Paul Bettany steals every scene he’s in. He does an excellent job as the classic TV husband – goofy, funny, and constantly misunderstanding things. All while retaining his Vision persona of an android capable of otherworldly feats. Visually, it’s amazing, even though the majority of the episodes are in black and white. The cast is deep from top to bottom with comedic actors up and down the roster, as well as sitcom vets. And it wouldn’t be a Marvel Studios production without a ton of references: From Strucker, to Stark, to Swarm (?), the Easter eggs run throughout the entire thing. At this point, I’m not going to make any guesses or predictions, but in the future after a little more information is available, I probably will.


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