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Thor Sued After Bachelor Party Incident

NEW YORK CITY – Member of the Avengers, Thor Odinson, is being sued after an incident at a local gentlemen’s club. Witnesses say that while attending the bachelor party for Benjamin Grimm, aka The Thing of the Fantastic Four, the Asgardian was introduced to the concept of “making it rain” and “making it thunderstorm.”

It seems like there was a classic case of misunderstanding and the God of Thunder took it as an homage and tribute to his specialty. One of the workers at the club known as Secret said that “he hoisted his enchanted hammer into the air and it literally began to thunderstorm inside the club.” One of the patrons who opted to remain anonymous recounted how lightning danced throughout the club electrocuting those on stage.

Attorneys for the owner of the club, dancers, and patrons say that there were instances of burns from the lightning. Multiple clients have stated interest in pressing charges on Thor Odinson, citing the need to recover damages for pain and suffering, as well as lost wages. While the Twisted Cape has reached out to the Avengers for a comment, the team has been noticeably quiet at this time. The Human Torch, Johnny Storm, has stated that in his wildest dreams he never thought that a party he threw for one of his best friends would ever get so out of hand. Keep it here on the Twisted Cape for more stories.


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